Bangers and Lace: The Original Hipster

When walking down Division Street in Wicker Park, you can always find a new beer to drink, taco to eat or, thick-rimmed glasses trend to wear? Needless to say, the hipster scene is real in WP. And for the past 6 years, Bangers and Lace has been the hub of originality in the community. With…

Pub Royale

Filling the space of Wicker Park’s recent occupant, Small Bar, Pub Royale is an ode to an old school British pub mixed with some Indian flare.  Caught right in the middle of Fat Pour and Innjoy, Pub Royale is the perfect location for a bar food-styled take of classic Indian dishes in addition to its English beverages.

Antique Taco

Although the name of this place suggests images of  dusty trinkets, dainty furniture, and super old (and bland) taco recipes, don’t worry, Antique Taco ‘s atmosphere and food are anything but that.  Holding it down on the corner of Milwaukee and Wood, Antique Taco has been cranking out gourmet and humble tacos since 2012. Its Boho-grungy-vibes mixed with homey Mexican…

Lovely, A Bake Shop

Built from a foundation of love (literally), Lovely has been cranking out baked goods, hosting events, and growing since 2007. Started by Bob and Gina Hartwig, once culinary colleagues, now eternal lovebirds, Lovely began as a small bake shop in Wicker Park and has now grown to be apart of a three-store-empire.

Scone-Cold Spring

While reflecting on my time in London – mostly on its amazing tea service (see my review of the Langham Hotel), one thing that I’ve been craving around Chicago is a proper scone. Ever since I visited the UK, it seems like I could never find one with the right consistency. Some are too mushy, some are brick hard,…