Healthy Quickies

Hi everyone!

Because everyone has crazy schedules (including me) and don’t have time to read long(er) articles, I created a monthly series called, “Healthy Quickies.” Working with my favorite trainer and friend, David Hardin, HQ’s will be quick and simple pointers on how to make each and every one of us a better (healthier) human. Whether it’s a workout move, health tip of the day, common idea, etc. check out the HQ’s for your monthly download. This month’s topic: Wedding Arms and Shoulders

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Last minute “to-do’s” before I say I DO

Being less than ONE week out from the wedding (holy sh!t), things as you can imagine, are stressful! Between last minute traveling for work, coordinating the schedule, fitting into my dress, working on food stuff, AND spending time with the pre-hubs, it’s easy to let my sanity fall thru the cracks. However, in the midst of chaos, there are a few things I feel are total necessities to being a last minute MISS:

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Shredding for the Wedding – Quick and Effective Workouts

As soon as the novelty of getting the ring wears off, an instant panic to most, if not all brides-to-be (including myself) are, “Holy Sh*t, I have  ______ many days until it’s W-Day.” From that moment on, every workout, every piece of food, every ounce of sweat, counts towards achieving that bride-body-look you’ve always dreamed of. That means (for most) it’s time to slim down, tighten up, and deny that large donut in order to start shaping up. Seeing that I’ve just entered in “get my a$$ in more-shape mode,” for my own spring 2016 wedding, I decided to try out different types of workouts to help with my own Shredding for The Wedding and share with the rest of my fellow Brides-to-be….

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