Juicy Chimichurri Bison Chorizo Sausage

For most of this pregnancy, I’ve been craving MEAT. Ever since I traveled for work last December and had the most scrumptious chimichurri skirt steak, it’s been on my mind.

How to Air Fry a Steak

Now that Liam has been mobile for 3+ months, constantly chasing a toddler has made making meals has been a tad more difficult. One night that the hubs was sick, I had thawed out steaks but didn’t have time to pan sear/finish in the oven because Liam was nonstop going for the dog bowls and…

Grass Fed Lamb Meatballs for Littles

Now that the little man has some choppers, it’s been exciting to watch him pick up food and actually eat it….like an actual human, ha. However, that also comes with its challenges. How do I introduce food to Liam that’s appealing, age appropriate, but nutrient dense?