Sisterly California Adventures

Since 2011, my sister and I have taken a sister-trip or do a sister-activity at least once a year. Although I’ve been to California a handful of times, Sara has never been that far West. Besides hitting up all of the natural touristy spots for her, I also had to do a lot of research on where to eat because of my known food allergies/sensitivites. Not eating donuts (and fonuts), normal fish tacos, and items from food trucks will suck – especially watching Sara enjoy them, but I’d much rather not break out in hives or eczema. I will however go “off the AIP rails” and eat Paleo foods, as long as the items are 1. Organic and 2. Preservative/crap free.

Although I already covered major ground in SoCal to hit (see other articles 1 and 2), I wanted to highlight a bulk of the places in the neighborhood that we were staying in, Santa Monica. Here are some spots during our adventure that made our sisterly R&R so magical:

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Summer House Santa Monica

With all of this rain, cold weather, and anti-summer days here in Chicago, it’s easy to imagine yourself somewhere else. Since I just returned from a trip to California myself, I’ve been craving some sort of sun and summer-like temperatures even more. However, the good news is that no matter what kind of weather Chicago is “graced” with during the year (or even if funds are to tight to head to the Golden State), Summer House Santa Monica is opened all year round to offer us locals a dreamy West Coast oasis.

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