My First Pregnancy

September 9th: After a restless night of tossing and turning, I woke up early in the morning for my Tacfit class feeling super dizzy. Holy crap, just walking to the gym felt like the world was moving. Even getting to work, my mind was just stuck in vertigo, almost like a fog. This continued on for two more days until I took another pregnancy test on 09/11. Since I just took a negative test 10 days after ovulation (September 5th), there’s no effing way this could be positive. Plus, I had to restock up on EPTs anyways, so using one of them wasn’t a big deal. I stopped by the Target on State before work and went into the bathroom. Sure as shit, the sign on the little stick was positive.

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What they DON’T tell you about being prego

Ever since my sister-in-law had my nephew and a ring was put on my finger, the amount of times that I’ve been asked “When are YOU going to start having kids?” is ridiculous.  Because of the obscene amount of questions I’ve been asked and the hints that I’ve been “given,” the focus that should be on my wedding next month has slowly shifted onto BABIES.  What do I do when I don’t know about something? I research. Anything and everything I can to get a good base for what I’m in for-especially because every woman’s body is different. However, during my research, I came across a lot of interesting, yet scary topics. For example: Bump itchiness (due to tummy stretching), not being allowed to take specific pain medication medicine (holy sh*t! ), the constant peeing, not being able to sleep, cankles, and being advised to not travel to places with mosquitos (wtf)!?!

Seeing that my sister-in-law and other friends go thru their 9 months, it’s clear that there are a lot of things that these parental magazines and advice columns DON’T tell you about. Since my sister-in-law is still going thru her first few months of having a newborn, I figured it would be better and more beneficial to find a Mommy who has slightly more experience. I reached out to my friend Ashley Gilday who recently had her firstborn and has time to run her own kickass food and wellness site, for her help. She has graciously answered some questions that I feel like ALL of us girls would like to know before we committ to a bump. So without further adieu:

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