Gluten-Free and Egg-Free Paleo Sunbutter Cookies

Now that I’m 1.5 months into going back on AIP/elimination for Liam, his skin is 99% improved and his stomach issues are slowly getting better. For all of the doctors we’ve seen and told us to switch to formula or to accept his issues as normal, eff you. Changing your diet and lifestyle has a huge impact on your overall well being.

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It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like…..Holiday Cookies

What are the holidays without cookies, right? OBVI. As you know, my holiday cookie eating this year will be slightly different. And by different, I mean sweets without the buttery, processed, and artificially sweetened ingredients, but truthfully delicious normal-people-cookies. However, for those of us who can’t eat normally anymore or just want a break from the fake stuff, I’ve compiled a list of all of my favorite Paleo/AIP cookies for you to make this holiday season. I also dared myself to try and make my own Paleo/AIP Kolaczki (Insert shocked emoji). I know, I know, my ancestors are rolling over in their graves… Continue reading

Special Delivery!!!

Before my food adventures had started to occur full force, I used to be an extreme health nut and followed a Paleo lifestyle (minus the crossfit). Now that I am constantly eating out and becoming less strict, my “new” diet sometimes feels overwhelming. While I try to maintain a healthy balance of eating better on my “nights off” of my foodie life, it’s definitely hard to prepare and store a nutritious, “clean” meal after a long day of work. However, I recently came across a local nutritious food service called “Kitchfix” that has been the answer to my prayers.

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