Home, Home On The Range

As you know, we live in a world where using shit ingredients like canola oil (in almost EVERY good on the shelves) , aspartame (in gum), food dyes, sodium nitrates (in normal bacon, sausages, etc.), and man-made ingredients is socially accepted. Why? A part of society doesn’t 1. read the ingredients, 2. doesn’t care about the ingredients, or (and the worst) 3. can’t afford to eat better. Sure, all of these foods in grocery stores AND in the majority of restaurants have super tasty food, but are they beneficial for our current and future health? EFF NO. Okay, I’m done ranting about the foods in our country (for now) and am veering back to the true purpose….

Although Chicago has started to jump on the clean-sustainable-ingredient-restaurant wagon, the gears are still slowly turning. The main struggle I (and everyone else with food issues) have is finding places to eat out where you can trust the quality. Unfortunately, I can count the places where I can “safely” eat in Chicago on one hand — which is extremely sad. However, after much research, I learned that I can now add Range Chicago in Lincoln Park to my inventory.

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Sweetgreen(ing) in Chicago

At last – Sweetgreen has FINALLY come to the Midwest. A.K.A. two blocks away from our apartment #praisejesus.

Started in D.C. In 2007, SG only sources local and organic ingredients from farmers and partners they trust. Best of all (in my opinion),  their menu lists EVERY SINGLE ingredient used in their bowls, salads, drinks, and dressings. For those of us who have a lot of food allergies/sensitivities, this is like heaven on earth.

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Nice to mEAT you

Ever since I had my huge weight loss experience, I’ve always been interested in trying new diets/ “lifestyles” – anything out of the ordinary to shake up my metabolism. Coming from a middle-class South Side household where meals were often frozen and out of a box, it was super hard at first to imagine eating healthy alternatives without feeling like I was starving. However, once I learned about following a Paleo lifestyle and more importantly, the food you were ALLOWED to eat while on Paleo, that feeling of “starving” and FOMO quickly melted away. From then on, I focused on avoiding carbs, processed foods, and even normal items that I thought were “healthy” (like peanuts, oatmeal, tofu, etc.).

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Behind the Scenes of Cochon Volant

The Behind the Scenes series entails insight from behind the chef’s counter and a restaurant’s outlook of its past, present, and future. 

With the spirit of Bastille Day upon us (check out thechicagochic.com for my latest roundup), my favorite and I stress FAVORITE restaurant at the moment is the “flying pig” itself, Cochon Volant. Located in the heart of the loop, dangerously close to my office, this upscale French bistro has been making tidal waves since its opening in April.

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