Savory Kid Friendly Meat Pies

When it comes to feeding a toddler, meal acceptance is always different in our household. Although Liam is slowly learning that what we prepare IS what we’re eating (no longer short order cooking), we still have our constant struggles. Sometimes, he doesn’t feel good, isn’t “feeling” the menu, or is just in a grumpy mood….

Gluten and Dairy-Free Orange Chicken Meatballs

It’s not a surprise that the hubs and I have polar opposite eating habits. I enjoy eating super clean, organic, dairy-free, AIP, etc. The hubs enjoys the typical Americano bar food type of menu (um, who wouldn’t if they had no dietary restrictions). Since my son and I share similar food intolerances, 99.9% of the…

Food By FARE

Since converting to an AIP/Paleo lifestyle in 2015, finding honest and healthy food options has always been a struggle for me; And when I say “healthy food,” I don’t just mean a salad, smoothie, or celery juice. I’m talking about fresh, sustainable, and simple ingredient menus – menus not including canola, soy, or any other nasty…

Grass Fed Lamb Meatballs for Littles

Now that the little man has some choppers, it’s been exciting to watch him pick up food and actually eat it….like an actual human, ha. However, that also comes with its challenges. How do I introduce food to Liam that’s appealing, age appropriate, but nutrient dense?

Gluten-Free and Egg-Free Paleo Sunbutter Cookies

Now that I’m 1.5 months into going back on AIP/elimination for Liam, his skin is 99% improved and his stomach issues are slowly getting better. For all of the doctors we’ve seen and told us to switch to formula or to accept his issues as normal, eff you. Changing your diet and lifestyle has a…

Paleo / AIP Restaurants Around Denver

Before my pregnancy, I followed a Paleo / AIP lifestyle to offset my 40 + foods I’m sensitive to. However, when I was pregnant, the frequent heartburn I had, sensitive stomach I dealt with all magically went away for those 10 months. Eating and going out for dinner was exciting again. Mostly because I could…

My Favorite Paleo and AIP Game Day Recipes

Out of all of the sports played, football and hockey are definitely my favorites. However, I LOVE going out or staying in and watching football, specifically my Patriots. Now that I permanently live with a Steelers fan, clearly there is a perpetual household rivalry. Luckily there’s something we agree on, delicious game day food.

Paleo Cauliflower Stuffing (AIP Friendly)

This isn’t the second year that the hubs and I “escaped” our normal family gathering. Although we would have LOVED to go back to Plymouth, MA like last year, we moved to Denver and flights aren’t exactly cheap. In an effort to remain healthy, I had been fiddling with ideas on how to make an AIP…

Kippy’s Ice Cream Shop

PSA ALERT FOR ALL PALEO/AIP’ers: A dairy free-clean ingredient ice cream shop exists!!!!!! Stumbling onto this ice cream shop was seriously the BEST thing that happened our last California trip.

Sticky Orange Beef

Are you drooling yet? Well due to this weekend’s jet lag and major head cold, my goals for this weekend hit the dust. That also includes getting motivated to do some grocery shopping. The best I could do is whip up my meal prep for the week using most of my ingredients from the pantry…