New Mom Essentials and Things NOT to Buy

Although I got that fresh mommy status as of a week ago, the hubs and I realized that we bought a lot of extra stuff that we don’t need/don’t find useful. On the flip side, we found things that were super helpful and practical. We obviously can’t return our opened items, but if I can…

How To Get Rid of Dry Bumps

Don’t lie, we all have dry bumps on our skin from either weather, diet, or genetics. They’re definitely not sexy and more of a pain in then ass than anything. But it seems like no matter how much you lotion, those damn bumps remain.

Three Ways to Deal with the Winter Cold / Flu

Combining people not covering their mouths at work and Denver’s huge temperature swings the last few months, it was only a matter of time beforehand I got sick. As unfortunate as it is to be sick wile pregnant, there’s literally only so much sanitizing one can do.

The Best Workout for Pregos and Non-Pregos

Starting a new job, moving to a new city, and finding out that I was pregnant shortly after we arrived made moving to Denver a more difficult adjustment than we expected. Not only is the altitude hard enough to get acclimated to, but another huge part of my life that was going thru a change…

Remedies and Preventatives for Stretch Marks

Knock on wood, I haven’t gotten any new stretch marks during my first or second trimester (other than the ones that already existed on my thighs and hips). Granted, I still have a few months left, so anything is possible regardless of my current skin regimen.

Sailing Through the Second Trimester

Holy crap, I cannot believe I’m entering into the THIRD trimester. Although I’ve been pregnant for awhile now, it hasn’t felt more real than it does now. I finally have a tiny belly, I feel movement more often (especially when I eat spicy foods), I feel more energized than ever, and I’m scared shitless as…

My Favorite Paleo and AIP Game Day Recipes

Out of all of the sports played, football and hockey are definitely my favorites. However, I LOVE going out or staying in and watching football, specifically my Patriots. Now that I permanently live with a Steelers fan, clearly there is a perpetual household rivalry. Luckily there’s something we agree on, delicious game day food.

How to Stay Positive when you are Distant with your Family

Having my own children someday has both been exciting and terrifying to think about. Exciting for the obvious reasons, but terrifying because I knew that one day, I’d have to inevitably expose them to my whole family….a family that I’ve never felt quite apart of.