Paleo Cauliflower Stuffing (AIP Friendly)

This isn’t the second year that the hubs and I “escaped” our normal family gathering. Although we would have LOVED to go back to Plymouth, MA like last year, we moved to Denver and flights aren’t exactly cheap. In an effort to remain healthy, I had been fiddling with ideas on how to make an AIP…

Five Things That Moving States Has Taught Me

If y’all haven’t figured out by now, the hubs, pups, and I drove across the country (kind of) to our new digs in Denver. Although we’ve only been in Denver for five months, moving out of my hometown has taught me five important life lessons….

The Gluten Escape

Are you gluten free and living in the Denver / Centennial area? Allow me to introduce the Mecca of GF baked goods, The Gluten Escape.

The Honest Kitchen Dog Food

Truth be told, I’ve never been a dog person. I wasn’t necessarily afraid of them or didn’t like them, but I never felt like any dog vibed well with me. So I kept a comfortable distance and continued to prefer babies over dogs. However, that all changed in January of 2017.

Why I Gave Up Coffee

Can you imagine giving up coffee? For more than a week? How about forever? Not most would be able to answer yes. Just as the slogan says, “America runs on Dunkin” aka we need caffeine to survive. And it’s true. The smell, the taste, the jolt you get from the mornings first sip all stem…

Behind the Scenes of Just Be Kitchen

Since Just Be Kitchen opened in the spring of 2017, I’ve been so envious. At that time, we didn’t know that we’d be moving and becoming residents of Denver three short months later. However, we planned to visit JBK while in Denver for my birthday in August. Needless to say, now that we are full blown…

A New Type of Birthday – Palooza

Growing up in the middle of siblings made celebrating personal milestones hard because of the lack of recognition. So when I was finally old enough to drive, I gas’d up my car and decided to make a celebration of my own, Birthday-palooza. Instead of celebrating my birthday for one night, why not celebrate it for…

The Benefits of Raw Honey

When I was younger, you would never find a bottle of honey anywhere in our household. Besides the fact that the word “healthy” never crossed my parents mind, honey to them was extra and totally unnecessary. I mean, why would we have honey when you can just put butter on top of whatever you were…

Kippy’s Ice Cream Shop

PSA ALERT FOR ALL PALEO/AIP’ers: A dairy free-clean ingredient ice cream shop exists!!!!!! Stumbling onto this ice cream shop was seriously the BEST thing that happened our last California trip.

Healthy Quickie: Kombucha

Hell yeah we’re on Healthy Quickie series #2. This month’s topic is kombucha. I’m sure by now you at least know what kombucha is…otherwise bravo to you for reading a post where you didn’t know what you were about to read. I started my kombucha journey about two years ago when I first began repairing…