Balancing Life with Sarah Baker

After getting my latest HcG blood test results last week and learning that I still have a few more weeks to go until we can start trying again, something inside of me just clicked. Why am I wasting my feelings on something I can’t control within my body? I need to be focusing on something I can control = my lifestyle. Since my surgery, I’ve been researching ways to help my body repair. From reading “go to yoga 3-4 times a week, clean up your diet, eat plenty of fats, take the right kind of prenatals, and stop stressing” – it was all overwhelming. And let’s be honest, stop stressing? Hilarious.

On my usual IG surfing, I came across Sarah’s handle (@balanced_babe) and checked her out. After being an international model in the fashion industry for 13 years, Sarah got into the healthy living realm. Sarah is a certified plant-based nutrition and holistic health coach, wellness media consultant, and holistic business consultant. Totally right up my alley!  Her passion is to help people feel beautiful in their skin and influence them to achieve their wellness and lifestyle goals. Sarah is a  total sweetheart and her site is very inspiring. While my body and mind still recovers, I knew that Sarah’s approach is exactly what I need right now and am so excited to share a behind the scenes look of the girl behind Balanced Babe…

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Behind the Scenes – Artango Bar and Steakhouse

Now that the dust has settled and our moving boxes have been put away, the hubs and I ADORE our new neighborhood. There are no ambulances every 5 minutes, no busy streets with tourists, or at the mercy of annoying high-rise elevators. We love that we feel like we live in a “big kid” home now that we’re married. Plus, new neighborhood to us means new opportunities to eat out (as long as they meet my dietary restrictions). Fortunately for us, Artango Bar & Steakhouse is right in our hood.

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Getting Tac(fit)tical with David Hardin

For almost a year, I was a complete classpass whore. I joined during the first wave when it was only $100 a month and you can go to your favorite gyms as many times as you want. It was heaven, especially because I was in #shreddingforthewedding mode. However, after a few months, I noticed the classes became fuller, the monthly price slowly began to rise, and then got hit with the “3x a month” gym visit. Annoying yes, but did the price/restrictions outweigh other gym memberships? No. I bit my tongue and continued on.

One day, after getting locked out of one of my usual classes, I noticed a class nearby at Lateral Fitness called “TACFIT.” Since I had nothing to lose and needed to fill my morning with a workout, I signed up. Little did I know this was the class to change everything going forward.

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Kicking A$$ During the Work Week

Since April, my work life balance has been totally off. Me and my non-food colleagues have been putting in more hours, giving more brain cells, and having less time to decompress. Although I love my current workout regime (bar, yoga, pilates, strength training), I’m exhausted when arrive to class. I definitely feel like my workouts haven’t been as effective as they were before. I haven’t even been motivated to workout lately-super weird even for me.

Truth be told, because I’m so annoyed/pissed that I have no relaxation time, it affects my motivation and concentration at the gym. Normally, I would use the gym as an escape, but my body/mind are exhausted trying to “zone” out when there’s so many other things on my mind. I finally listened to my husband’s advice and decided to take out my aggression somewhere else than on a gym mat.

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The Original Rainbow Cone is Open for the Season

There’s few indicators for the first sign of spring; warmer weather, longer days and the OPEN sign in the Original Rainbow Cone’s window. Located at 9233 S. Western in the Beverly neighborhood, Rainbow Cone is celebrating their 90th year serving the famous ice cream treat.


On a hot summer day, you’re bound to wait a few minutes in line before you snag a cone to cool down. But the photos lined around the shop tell the story of how cone creator and owner, Joe Sapp and his wife Katherine founded a Chicago staple in 1926. I was lucky enough to hear the tale by third-generation owner and granddaughter, Lynn Sapp.

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