Paleo / AIP / Whole30 Polish Pierogis and Dumplings

Ugh, what I would do to reverse back the clock to 2005’s Christmas Eve dinner at my Grandmother’s house. This was the last time my family has eaten a homemade polish meal. This was also before I moved out of my parents house, had perpetual student loan payments, experienced my first real heartbreak, food allergies, or experienced a miscarriage. Life was easy and filled with copious amounts of food, more specifically, delicious carby foods. However, it’s currently 2017: my older relatives have passed, the current relatives have gotten older (with more health issues), and current Christmas dinners are store bought from local Polish stores and reheated. What’s a girl with food allergies to do when she has polish nostalgia?

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New Year, New Face

Happy New Year everyone! 2016 was a year of super highs and lows. From planning a wedding, getting married, changing roles at work, diagnosed with severe food sensitivities, and having a miscarriage, this year has been incredibly stressful. However, I’m (semi) grateful for all of the “bumps” in the road that I’ve dealt with. As much as it has taken a toll on me, it’s made me into a stronger person. At least I’m telling myself that….

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It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like…..Holiday Cookies

What are the holidays without cookies, right? OBVI. As you know, my holiday cookie eating this year will be slightly different. And by different, I mean sweets without the buttery, processed, and artificially sweetened ingredients, but truthfully delicious normal-people-cookies. However, for those of us who can’t eat normally anymore or just want a break from the fake stuff, I’ve compiled a list of all of my favorite Paleo/AIP cookies for you to make this holiday season. I also dared myself to try and make my own Paleo/AIP Kolaczki (Insert shocked emoji). I know, I know, my ancestors are rolling over in their graves… Continue reading