Healthy Quickie: Kombucha

Hell yeah we’re on Healthy Quickie series #2. This month’s topic is kombucha. I’m sure by now you at least know what kombucha is…otherwise bravo to you for reading a post where you didn’t know what you were about to read. I started my kombucha journey about two years ago when I first began repairing my leaky gut and because I’ve seen some MAJOR improvements since I began, I’ll never get off the probiotic train.

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Healthy Quickies

Hi everyone!

Because everyone has crazy schedules (including me) and don’t have time to read long(er) articles, I created a monthly series called, “Healthy Quickies.” Working with my favorite trainer and friend, David Hardin, HQ’s will be quick and simple pointers on how to make each and every one of us a better (healthier) human. Whether it’s a workout move, health tip of the day, common idea, etc. check out the HQ’s for your monthly download. This month’s topic: Wedding Arms and Shoulders

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