How to Get Through the Midweek Slump? Let’s Talk Brunch.

Is it just me or does it already seem like the longest week ever? It’s only Wednesday, but I’ve been thinking about the weekend…since about the minute I set my Monday morning alarm. Fear not, here’s something to ease your mind and help you get through the week. There’s a new weekend brunch in town!

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Bangers and Lace: The Original Hipster

When walking down Division Street in Wicker Park, you can always find a new beer to drink, taco to eat or, thick-rimmed glasses trend to wear? Needless to say, the hipster scene is real in WP. And for the past 6 years, Bangers and Lace has been the hub of originality in the community. With over 30 beers on tap and homemade sausage created right in the kitchen, B&L’s menu options introduce to new and exciting flavors for customers to try.

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NYC Bucket List Eats

A year ago this weekend, two of my best friends traveled to NYC for an extended weekend visit. I was spending the summer interning in the big apple, but also hosted many friends who wanted to experience the NY life, which at times can be overwhelming, no doubt.

With so many sights to see and well, food to eat, I definitely felt a sense of overload with my NY bucket list growing daily.
But, in a world where calories have no meaning and cheese is basic food group***, here is my round up of sweet and savory items that will make your trip to NY worth every penny and Instagram like.

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Spring got you down in the dump(lings)

We may have survived a mild winter (for Chicago standards), but it doesn’t seem like we’re catching a break with this spring weather. If you’re anything like me, you probably eat based on the weather. If it’s warm and sunny, I’m totally down eating salads and fresh fruit for every meal, but if it’s cold and gloomy you bet I’m trying to eat warm comfort food for every meal. Que the struggle to shed that winter coat.

Regardless of my mood eating weather habits, I can guarantee Urban Belly’s dumplings will hit the spot, regardless of the temperature outside. Plus, with a new Wicker Park location, now is the time to check out what Urban Belly has in store if you never made it to the original West Loop location.

The Sweet Potato and Maple potstickers with feta and arugula is a great combination and the optional addition of bacon really rounds out this dish to be a go-to comfort fix.


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The Original Rainbow Cone is Open for the Season

There’s few indicators for the first sign of spring; warmer weather, longer days and the OPEN sign in the Original Rainbow Cone’s window. Located at 9233 S. Western in the Beverly neighborhood, Rainbow Cone is celebrating their 90th year serving the famous ice cream treat.


On a hot summer day, you’re bound to wait a few minutes in line before you snag a cone to cool down. But the photos lined around the shop tell the story of how cone creator and owner, Joe Sapp and his wife Katherine founded a Chicago staple in 1926. I was lucky enough to hear the tale by third-generation owner and granddaughter, Lynn Sapp.

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