How to Air Fry a Steak

Now that Liam has been mobile for 3+ months, constantly chasing a toddler has made making meals has been a tad more difficult. One night that the hubs was sick, I had thawed out steaks but didn’t have time to pan sear/finish in the oven because Liam was nonstop going for the dog bowls and garbage can. Insert one of the best creations so far, the air fryer.

Don’t worry, it didn’t give a golden deep fried crust on the steak (although i wish it would have). The steak was perfectly crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside, just like it should be. Using the air fryer for cooking steaks was such a good mom hack and it makes cooking proteins so much easier.

Air Frying a Steak


1 Grass fed steak cut of your choice (I prefer US Wellness Meats)

2 tbsp of olive oil

1 pinch of sea salt

1. Crank the air fryer up to 400 degrees and let Pre-heat for five minutes.

2. While the air fryer is pre heating, drizzle the olive oil on both sides of the steak and salt. Let rest for a minute so it soaks up the oil and salt.

3. Open the air fryer drawer and put in the steak. Set your timer for 3.5 minutes. If you’d like your steak cooked medium well, set the timer for 4 minutes instead*

4. Once the timer goes off, open the fryer drawer, flip the steak, and reset your timer for 3.5 minutes. If you’d like your steak cooked medium well, set the timer for 4 minutes instead*

5. Once the final timer turns off, open the dryer drawer, take out the steak, and let rest for at least 5 minutes. Once rested, cut against the grain and enjoy!

Thank you US Wellness Meats for sponsoring this post! It’s incredible to me that I partner with brands I love and truly believe in on One Full Plate.  

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