Food By FARE

Since converting to an AIP/Paleo lifestyle in 2015, finding honest and healthy food options has always been a struggle for me; And when I say “healthy food,” I don’t just mean a salad, smoothie, or celery juice. I’m talking about fresh, sustainable, and simple ingredient menus – menus not including canola, soy, or any other nasty fillers. Before moving back to Chicago, I was trying to find more restaurants to eat out at besides DMK and Sweetgreen and I stumbled upon FARE.

FARE is a quick-service healthy-lifestyle restaurant in the loop inside the semi-new Wells Street Market along the riverwalk. Started by two badass women while working at the famous Chicago’s Gibsons, Kasia and Britni met and shared common visions of healthy, clean lifestyles and flavor-forward food. In 2013, the duo officially partnered together and began their FARE journey – first serving their hearty, wholesome foods at Chicago festivals and catering jobs.

Photo courtesy of FARE

Quoted perfectly, FARE’s mantra is “Food with purpose. Ingredients with intention.” Opened from 7-7:30pm M-F, FARE’s menu is split for breakfast and lunch/dinner containing wellness-focused, nutrient-dense, and flavor-packed offerings. How is the menu sourced you ask? FARE chooses to work with local vendors/farms for produce (when then the Midwest weather permits). A huge focus is also working with brands that have similar values in sustainability and clean wholesome eating such as PQB for toast and Closed Loop Farms for micro greens. However, in my opinion, the best part of the menu is discovering that FARE only uses olive oil to prepare their food. Ask anyone who knows me, I’m a HUGE stickler for asking restaurants the type of oil they cook with before. Personally, I only use coconut, clean lard, or olive oil to prepare my own foods at home. To find a brand that already shares my similar belief is refreshing.

I’ve asked the FARE ladies and some favorite menu items are the sweet potatoes, the seasonal tomatoes/peaches, and those infamous vegan/gf chocolate chip cookies.

“People cannot get enough of the sweet potatoes! We have done a miso version and currently roast them with smoked paprika. Both have been a hit and although flavor profile may change from season to season,I don’t think we will ever take them off the menu.”

Photo courtesy of FARE
Photo courtesy of FARE
Hosting regular events, and planning for two new locations, FARE has clearly been well received by the Chicago community. I’m esctatic that I have another place where I can order a meal without questioning the integrity of what I’m eating and I look forward to returning (a lot). Stay tuned for FARE’s upcoming events and future expansion, but in the meantime, head to its flagship at 205 W. Wacker to see what the buzz is all about.
Thank you FARE for sponsoring this post! It’s incredible to me that I partner with brands I love and truly believe in on One Full Plate.  

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