Finding Time to B3 Me

Even before Liam was born (10m ago-omg!), I’ve barely had a minute to myself. For the last couple of years, I’ve been a wife, dog-mom, fitness enthusiast, and friend. However, adding “Mom” to my resume, made the juggling act even harder. I know people say having a kid changes everything, but until you experience it for yourself, you don’t know the full magnitude of the change. I’m needed ALL OF THE TIME. Whether it’s to nurse Liam, pump on the side, take the dogs out, supervise all three the babies, make dinner, focusing on my brand, spending time with my husband, or just being present at my full time job, there are few moments I get to myself anymore. The days where I used to sleep a full 8 hours, workout 3-4x a week, go out for date nights, snuggle with my dogs binging on housewives (okay, that still happens) are a thing of the past. However, there is one thing that I’ve consistently practiced since becoming a new mom ten months ago and that’s Barre3.

I previously wrote a post about how much I enjoyed Barre3 and how it’s a perfect workout everyone, no matter what stage in life you are. But over the last ten months, I’ve grown to have even more of an appreciation of the practice and my new routine because of Barre3’s mission: “Being empowered from within.” This quote could not be any more true with how chaotic our daily lives are. As Barre3 states, there is not a one-size-fits-all Barre3 approach. Whether it’s in a studio, working out online, or just moving your body in spare moments, each individual is empowered to modify their movements and develop body awareness for lasting results. The key focus is finding balance within each of our own bodies.

In the short time I’ve been practicing Barre3, I’ve been able to modify my movements during the different stages my body has gone through in the past ten months and STILL feel accomplished. There have certainly been days where I haven’t felt 100% or had the energy to give it my all; however, the main difference I’ve noticed by practicing Barre3 to other workouts I’ve partaken in, is that burning a certain amount of calories hasn’t been the main goal. Being able to move and find balance in my body is now my goal. Whether I get to move for 10 minutes in our apartment, go to a class, or squeeze in breath work in my spare moments, I feel stronger, more confident, and more at peace through my body. Anyone can truly practice “B3 Anywhere.”

For the last year and a half, Barre3 Belleview Station studio in CO has been my sanctuary. The studio owner, Katie, instructors, and studio community have made such a difference in my life with their presence. Through my pregnancy discovery (days after moving to CO), lending a pair of ears to listen to my struggles, and helping me navigate my first few months as a new mom, these ladies have made a huge impact on me. So much of an impact that I’m inspired to pursue being an instructor myself. Through these ladies and my experience, I’ve been able to appreciate and understand what it means to be “B3.” Instead of doing another fad workout or wanting to be an instructor as a career opportunity, I want to be a part of Barre3 in a bigger capacity because I truly believe in the practice. Whether I go to a studio or workout online, the moment that music clicks on and I take my opening breaths, I block out all of the craziness in my life and tune into my body. Barre3 is my happy place.

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