Occupation: Dad

Hello everyone, this is Aimee’s other half, Ryan.  A few months ago before our little one came into our lives, we discussed the possible options for child care.  Being that we live far away from our families, it was out of the question for them to help us care for him while we were at work.  So was hiring a full-time nanny to care of our little boy, and our two dogs.

My wife graciously proposed the idea that I become a stay-at-home Dad.  There’s been a stigma about stay-at-home Dads.  I’ve thought about this at first, but I realized I didn’t care what others thought about my new “occupation.”  Older generations were conditioned that the “man” goes to work, and the wife takes care of the kids.  Well, times have changed, and I should hope most of society has changed their thinking about this subject too.

The first six weeks that our son came into our lives, my wife was on leave and I was still working full-time (PLUS a part-time evening job).  I had aspirations that I was going to be able to be at home with him during the day, work a part-time job at night, and work in real estate.  I’ve been around babies, sure, while I was growing up.  How hard could it be?  We went to the classes and read the books, we were prepared.  I figured the books and classes were great, but obviously this was going to be something you learned on the fly.  No sweat, I could juggle everything that came my way.

The part-time job was over and done with before my wife was done with her maternity leave.  I really don’t know how single parents do it, she and I both know she needed a break at night.  I felt a weight had been lifted since I left the part-time position, and now I could easily manage my time being a stay-at-home Dad and being a realtor.  Newborns require A LOT of attention and care.  I tried to manage going to training and meetings at my brokerage.  I was overwhelmed.  I had to be on constant watch during the day and try to start a new career?  For now, I’ve put a career in real estate on the back burner.  My experience so far, has been a lot harder than I anticipated.  To anyone expecting, be prepared that the first few months, at least, are no walk in the park.  Sure, some days are easier than others, but you can’t really plan how baby will be that day.

I am now a father, a Dad, a shoulder to sleep on.  Every day our little boy grows in size and in personality, and every day is a new adventure.  Stay tuned as I(we), continue on this journey.

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