Creamy Green Paleo Smoothie

To say that the days fly by with an infant, a child no less, is a complete understatement. Everyday I wake up at 5am, I blink and it’s 6pm. My day starts and ends with feeding, burping, pumping, changing diapers, take the dogs out, calming down baby, repeat. Notice, no real significant breaks. Having a baby that despises day naps severely puts a cramp in my capability to do a lot of extras. Including trying to fit in a quick workout and making AIP/Paleo grabbable food.

As much as I’d like to drop my few pounds of remaining baby weight, if I lose that weight too quickly, it will deplete my milk supply. Even though I’m not happy about carrying it around for the next few months, what’s a girl to do in the meantime? Besides working out, I’m back to counting calories ( wtf) and making quick and nutrient dense meals/snacks that I can grab with one hand. Insert my Green Paleo Smoothie:

(servings 4)


5 cups of organic non-dairy milk (I use coconut or almond)

2 tbsp of spirulina powder

4 tbsp of collagen powder

3 tbsp of uncooked organic quick oat flakes

4 tsp of maca powder

4 ripe organic bananas

2 tbsp of flaxseeds

1 Handful of chopped organic spinach


Dump everything into a blender and boom! Four nutrient dense quick meals/satisfying snacks you can have on hand to gulp down.

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