New Mom Essentials and Things NOT to Buy

Although I got that fresh mommy status as of a week ago, the hubs and I realized that we bought a lot of extra stuff that we don’t need/don’t find useful. On the flip side, we found things that were super helpful and practical. We obviously can’t return our opened items, but if I can prevent some of you from making the same mistakes, that’s all that matters.

What to Bring to the Hospital:

Probably two of the most important things I brought over the hospital we’re my Frida Baby MomWasher And Earth Mama Organic Perineal Spray. Holy hell, after the wrath of pushing a kid out of my cooter, that area was the last place that I wanted to go near. However, it was unavoidable. The MomWasher spray bottle is conveniently curved so that you don’t have to risk brushing your hand near your war zone. You can quickly spritz some water, lightly pat dry, and continue on. As a person that is leery of using chemical products / medication in general, the perineal spray was a no brainer for me. The spray is an herbal liquid that is filled with all natural ingredients and made to relieve the pain/promote healing of the cooter. Some other really important things I brought were Earth Mama Organic Nipple Butter & the booby tubes. ALL moms understand how painful it is to start breastfeeding and how necessary it is to come prepared with reinforcements.

For Liam, I made sure to bring my baby soap/lotion of choice for his first bath. I chose to bring California Baby fragrance free shampoo and lotion because unlike the hospital soaps, they aren’t mass produced or loaded with garbage ingredients.


Our last pic before the little man arrived

Things to Leave at Home:

Unless you have the cleanest delivery known to man, leave the cute maternity robe and Pjs at home. The design of the dress has boob holes all over, but I loved wearing the hospital “clothes” that weren’t mine and that I can dirty up. Again at that point, I had just pushed a bowling ball out of my poor cooch. I couldn’t have cared less of how I looked or what I was wearing.

Another waste at the hospital was bringing too many clothes for the baby. I changed Liam every time he peed thru an outfit, but i only used ONE of my outfits while I was there (my going home outfit).

Items to Purchase before Baby:

Swaddles, diapers, changing station covers, and non-stinging butt rash cream REPEAT. I had an idea that we’d be going thru diapers and creams like crazy, but I had zero clue that we’d need so many swaddles and changing table covers. Not only do newborns poop an insanely amount to get the utero gunk out, but little male wieners are small and point up. The chance of wetting outfits, blankets, and getting shot at yourself is extremely high. My favorite brands for baby creams are: California Baby and Earth Mama. We use the Honest Company for wipes and unfortuntley had to use newborn Vaseline for little man’s wiener (from his procedure). I cringe at the thought of using that garbage on my child, but no other non-toxic gel provided enough cushion for his raw/healing skin against a diaper.

Items to Leave on the Shelf:

1. A fancy video baby monitor– I guess it can come I need handy once  our child grows up and starts to sleep in his own bedroom. But for a newborn— ehh, it’s best to hold off on getting this for awhile. The old fashioned monitor is much more practical in my opinion.

2. Owlet foot sock– Yes, I did purchase this insanely expensive sock. But Same story as above. Liam currently sleeps in our room in a bassinet, so the sock is a little pointless when I can just stick my head over his bassinet to make sure he’s breathing.

3. Too many hats and baby socks – In our situation of daily poop blowouts and pee fountains, all of the cute baby hats and socks we got, are kind of pointless right now. They either get kicked off or soiled.

4. Long sleeve and zipper onesies – I read someone say that these were a lifesaver. I beg to differ. Zippers are a huge pain in the ass when your newborn hates getting his diaper changed. Plus, when he pees thru those bad boys, it makes removing the soiled items that much more difficult when legs and arms are flying in the air.

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