The Best Workout for Pregos and Non-Pregos

Starting a new job, moving to a new city, and finding out that I was pregnant shortly after we arrived made moving to Denver a more difficult adjustment than we expected. Not only is the altitude hard enough to get acclimated to, but another huge part of my life that was going thru a change was my workout regimen.

Before our wedding two years ago, I had finally found workouts that worked for my body. Those workouts involved weekly Tacfit interval training followed by Megaformer sessions. However, prior to our move, I soon realized that there were no Tacfit classes in Denver and the closest megaformer classes were 30 minutes away from where we live. Since I now have to drive to work (30 min each way), my usual morning workouts seemed out of the question, which is a huge bummer.

One day, my commute was rerouted due to construction and Icame across this studio on the way to work called Barre3. I’ve done many barre classes in the past, but I never considered them to be a substitute for an actual workout. However, given that my time for workouts were slimmed down upon living here, I felt like why not look into it further. Especially since it’s coincidentally on my way to work. No matter what, I NEED to continue being active (especially while pregnant), so why not give it a shot. I stopped by Barre3 Belleview for my first 6am class with an instructor named Elizabeth (my favorite instructor to this day) and got my first dose of how my workouts would now be while living in Denver.

Image by Barre3 Belleview

Barre3’s approach gives clients a rewarding endorphin high and a deep muscle burn—without pain in areas of the body prone to injury. Barre3 delivers a full body workout using only low-impact movements. What’s cool is that with their team of experts—doctors, physical therapists, and anatomy specialists—Barre3 developed a signature 3-step sequence to produce a strong and balanced body:

STEP 1 | HOLD Align the body, build mind-body connection, and engage your muscles.

STEP 2 | MOVE SMALL Work deep in the muscle without compromising your form to push through plateaus, and build strength.

STEP 3 | MOVE BIG Build functional strength for everyday activities, tone your muscles, and energize your entire body.

Image by Barre3 Belleview

Barre3 is functional training with a twist. Rooted in three fitness disciplines—ballet barre, pilates and yoga—barre3 workouts will have you feeling strong and balanced inside and out. Not only do Barre3 workouts build toned muscles and increase your metabolism, but the workout is perfect for pregnant ladies like me. There are obviously some adjustments needed to be made the further along you get (like omitting certain ab and less leaning over movements), however, I’ve been going to Barre3 three times a week since I found out I was pregnant. Although I’m not doing my normal high intensity workout, I sweat a good amount, keep the blood flowing, AND build lean muscle at every single class.

I definitely attribute Barre3 Belleview for why I’ve been able to maintain a super healthy weight and avoid most ailments (like swelling and headaches) during this pregnancy thus far. Besides getting a great workout, Barre3 has provided a warm, positive community with great people to fall back on during my giant life’s changes. Barre3 Belleview has a different atmosphere than i’ve ever been around and I’m so grateful that I stumbled upon the studio when I did. I’d highly recommend giving Barre3 a shot and seeing if there’s  studio in your area.

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