Sailing Through the Second Trimester

Holy crap, I cannot believe I’m entering into the THIRD trimester. Although I’ve been pregnant for awhile now, it hasn’t felt more real than it does now. I finally have a tiny belly, I feel movement more often (especially when I eat spicy foods), I feel more energized than ever, and I’m scared shitless as we countdown for the next few months.

But anyways, back to the second trimester. I wouldn’t necessarily say that the second trimester is as blissful as we’ve all been told, but it was definitely more enjoyable than the first trimester. My energy and appetite resurfaced, I felt more confident knowing that the risk of miscarrying again significantly dropped, but with my body changing, I started to feel really insecure. Here are the ehhhs and  positives I felt during my second trimester:

Unexpected Sour Grapes 

Body Insecurity – I’m by no means the skinniest chick on the block, but I’m also not overweight. I’m right in the middle of where I should be for my height. Although my belly didn’t start to “show” until now, I started to notice that my thighs, hips, and arms start to grow at the tail end of my first trimester. I obviously know that gaining weight is apart of growing a human, but seeing those numbers increase at the doctors office are never pleasant for a woman. I’ve heard tons of women say “I’m eating for two” or “I don’t care how much weight I gain,” but I’m not one of those girls. FYI If you gain too much weight (over 30lbs), it will only be more difficult on your body. It’ll be more work to lose it after baby arrives and you can even get ailments from weighing too much during your pregnancy (like diabetes, carpal tunnel, or early labor). My doctor recommended an extra caloric intake of 250-300 calories a day and that’s what I’ve been following to a tee since then.

Decreased Intimacy – Unfortunately, that stigma of prego chicks getting super horny when prego is definitely a myth here. Between the combo of my body changing and hormones, let’s just say, eating snacks sounds better than bedroom time. Even snuggling or giving hugs ! This better return to normal, hormones !

Crappier Sleep – Another stigma debunked was the pregnancy pillow. I purchased a Snoogle early on in the pregnancy and until recently kicked it to the curb. Before my body started growing, the snoogle was great. However, as soon as I wasn’t allowed to sleep on my back anymore (at 20w) was when my sleep became crappy. Not to mention the 2-3x a night I wake up for potty breaks. One of the dogs now sleeps next to me every night…right by my belly. So not only do I wake up to pee, but I wake up because my little 7lb chihuahua is an inferno!

The Positives 

Increase in Energy and Appetite – I’m SO SO SO happy I feel like myself in this department at least. I’ve had zero issues keeping up with going to Barre3 three times a week or taking the dogs for walks when I get home from work. I’ve also been blessed to not have any crazy hormonal cravings. I do crave random things sometimes like mozzarella sticks or almond butter, but nothing too unhealthy. I truthfully crave wholesome and vegetarian healthy meals more regularly. Oh and ALL of my first trimester food aversions and pre-prego sensitivities have magically gone away.

The FEELS – I feel movement all.of.the.time which is both super cool and weird. Especially after I eat spicy food, fruit, or binge watch housewives. It’s hard to imagine a tiny human moving around in there, because it feels more like indigestion. I’m sure once I see bigger movements like a foot popping out, it will be way more real.

An Even Tighter Family Unit – Being away from our friends and family during the holidays was super weird and sad. However, it was incredibly less stressful. There was no traveling, no arguments, or obligatory uncomfortable family events to attend. It made me appreciate for the first time being so far away from both of our families (in Chicago and Pittsburgh). We were able to celebrate comfortably with each other and even decided on things we wanted to do each year as a family going forward.

Stay tuned for next weeks post on how I’ve been working in avoiding those dreaded stretch marks!

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  1. bakerybird says:

    This is EXACTLY my experience of the second trimester. Good news! The third was my favourite! 🙂


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