What To Pack For Mexico When You’re Pregnant

Before anyone comments or says how unwise I was for going, yes, I’m aware of the “Zika” risk for traveling to Mexico or any tropical warm climate place while prego.

One of my best friends had her destination wedding on the calendar for almost two years in Cabo San Lucas and on top of that, I was asked to be a bridesmaid a year prior. Of course, the situation got complicated once we found out that I was pregnant, but this pregnancy has been unplanned from the start. There was the Zika risk, not being able to partake in drinking festivities, and it was a lot of money to go to an all inclusive resort when the funds could have been used for future medical bills. However,  my husband and I decided that I can’t stop living my life just because I happen to be pregnant. We had already lost our first baby last year from a random unintentional miscarriage without any risk. So if it was meant that I’d get bitten by a Zika mosquito this year for standing up in my best friend’s wedding, then it was always apart of the plan.

HOWEVER, The most ironic part of this trip is that I didn’t get bitten by (let alone see) one mosquito the entire time I was in Cabo. Take that CDC! I also didn’t have any stomach issues from the food or water because of careful decisions. Although I wasn’t able to partake in the all-inclusive boozing that took place at the resort, I was able to walk around, work out, lay out, and most importantly EAT. Isn’t that what an ideal prego vacation is supposed to be anyways?

Here are some of my essentials I brought with as Zika precautions:

1. Epic Bars – Expecting that most of the meats / proteins were fried, cured, raw, or gross tasting, these guys came in handy for my daily protein needs.

2. Filtered Water Bottle – Highly recommended a close friend, this puppy (although expensive) filtered out every type of bacteria you can imagine. Because I didn’t know if the resort had purified bottled water prior to visiting, I definitely needed a backup in case they didn’t.

3. Sweaters and Long Dresses – Even though it was hot as balls, I still made every effort to cover up at night. I may have sweat a little more, but it was a precaution I could and would control. Luckily my girlfriend chose long coral dresses for the bridesmaids, so that definitely helped for the wedding and reception.

4. Bug Repellent – Bringing bug spray was obviously a necessity when heading to a warm climate – even if I wasn’t pregnant. Although there are a ton of options out there, I especially chose the California Baby brand because of how much research I’ve done on its product ingredients. The brand’s bug spray contains all natural ingredients with active additives of essential oils, is DEET-free, and it comes in carry on size (um, awesome!).

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