How to Promote Healthy Hair Growth

Thanks to my genes, I’ve always had super thin hair, however, one thing I’ve realized over the years is that my hair growth has significantly slowed down. Not something a girl in her late twenties wants to hear.

My hair has slowed down so much to the point that I started researching on ways to help restimulate my follicles. I began to take natural supplements, eating better, and started to take prenatal vitamins (which I’ve officially been on since March 2016). But unfortunately, I have barely noticed a difference. Even when I gots pregnant, one of my first reactions was YES, I can finally have that super long and luscious pregnancy hair! Sike 😦

Did you know that the whole prego hair concept is a myth? Your hair doesn’t grow twice as fast when you’re pregnant, it just gets thicker. Why? During pregnancy, higher levels of estrogen prolongs the growth phase which results in less shedding = thicker hair. Aka pregnant women lose hair slower than they usually do. Also, this is also why pregnant women think they lose so much hair after their baby comes, “post pardum hair loss.” The hair that doesn’t naturally fall out during pregnancy will fall out once the estrogen levels decrease.

Regardless if you’re prego or not, if you’re hair still isn’t growing like mine, it forces you to panic a little bit and try a bunch of different options. Here are some methods I tried over the last year in my quest to not have shoulder length hair for the rest of my life:

1. Coconut hair mask – I used this method for about 7 months and definitely noticed a difference in the shiny ness and texture or my hair, just not growth speed.

2. Take a Break from the Styling Tools and Highlighting – When my natural curls vanished from 2013-2014, I absolutely panicked. However, once I thought about how much damage I had done to my hair prior to that like flat ironing it everyday and using “sun-in” bleach during summer, it was only a matter of time. In addition to dying my hair super dark to restore nutrients, my sister in law made me promise to not use my straightener for 30 days. And sadly enough, by letting my hair do it’s thing for a month, my curls started to come back. I also blame straightening my hair the reason why the side says of my hair grow at a glacial pace (compared to the back).

3. Only Wash your Hair 1-2 Times a Week – This method also really helped the quality of my hair and highlights to stay in tact for much longer. However, i didn’t notice that much of hair growth. Washing your hair strips its natural oils, causes product buildup, dries TF out if your hair, and fades color faster.

4. Get Regular Trims and Cuts – I used to think, um why would I keep getting my hair cut if I’m trying to let it grow out? It took so long just to get those four inches. Getting regular cuts more often doesn’t make your hair grow faster, trimming simply keeps your hair more healthy and less split end prone as it goes. In my case, I have to religiously get my hair cut every 8-12 weeks because my hair grows mullet style: gets super fast in the back while the sides of my hair take forevermore to grow. I’m hoping one day my sides will catch up!

5. EAT BETTER – The #1 thing that helped my hair start to (slowly) grow a little faster was changing my diet and drinking less alcohol. As soon as I switched to an AIP/Paleo died, I noticed a significant improvement in my skin and hair. The food should I began to add into my diet (including non crap filled prenatal) are loaded with vitamin D, protein, and omega 3 fatty acids. Aka perfect for hair. Here are some examples:

– Wild Sockeye Salmon

– Unsalted sunflower seeds

– Almonds or other non-peanut nuts

– Sweet potatoes and carrots

– Avocados

– Eggs

– Oysters or anchovies

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