First Trimester WTFs

I’m sure you’ve all heard by my instagram that we’re PREGO with our rainbow baby! It seems like everyone’s is posting the same type of news right now huh? Clearly all of us were all bored during the summer months while we were soaking up the a/c LOL. Truth be told, the hubs and I were not trying whatsoever (and please don’t tell me that annoying line of happens when you’re not trying). I was so sick of trying for a baby after the miscarriage, frustrated with work, AND about to move across the country. A baby in that time frame was close to the last thing on my mind, right next to getting my wax. Little did I know that the altitude sickness we thought I had upon moving here turned out to be morning sickness.

When I say that I was blindsided being pregnant, I mean it. I peed on the stick, walked the dogs, and came back and saw a positive pregnant flash across the screen. My chest tightened, my hair felt prickly, and I immediately started panicky balling. Much different than the first time we found out I was pregnant. It’s not like I didn’t want kids ever again. But the miscarriage destroyed that excitement and baby fever I had. I was panicking and balling because I didn’t want a baby right now. We just moved, I just got to a new job where I won’t have maternity leave, and I finally became comfortable with us four being a family. I didn’t want a baby to change that yet. However, as we all know, life doesn’t work that way….ever. WTF.

Although the hubs and I have decided to keep the gender a surprise for everyone, I still wanted to share my journey. Not everyone on IG is beyond overjoyed or has a perfect little pregnancy announcement. Some of us are dealing with the struggles of past events while we make way for future (giant) changes to come in and “heal” us.

But back to it- first trimester. As I mentioned, I was fortunate enough to not realize I was pregnant until I was 12 weeks, but from what I can remember during that time of us moving here until our first appointment, it blows. My main three WTFs are as follows:

1. Fatigue – Holy hell, that fatigue is no joke. No matter how long I slept, sat down for, or relaxed, it feels like I got hit by a ton of bricks. Every moment of the day. I’d feel hungover and sleepy at the same time, and nothing made me feel better. I started going to bed at 7:30-8pm and sleeping the entire time until my alarm went off at 6am. That feeling pretty much stayed until I entered that “magical” second trimester. That part of the wives tale that people say at least is true.

2. Nausea – If you are one of those girls who “never” had morning sickness, gtfoh because me and millions of others don’t want to hear it. Congratulations to either being in the 1% of women who don’t suffer or you’re just lying. Although I didn’t have morning sickness too bad, I still had a good touch of it for at least 2-3 weeks. However, I was definitely queasy everyday untilI was 14w and had to start switching my diet to accommodate it. I wasn’t happy with adding crackers, wraps and rice to my diet, but I made sure to get Paleo / gf ish items to make me feel better about it. I had been bulletproof dieting with Rasa “Coffee” since I gave up caffeine in June, but with nausea, I could no longer skip meals or fast. The perfect way of describing morning sickness is when you feel like you haven’t eaten in hours and have that queasy pit in your stomach, almost to the point of making you vomit. Yeah imagine that 24/7. Can you imagine women with Princess Kate’s condition?

3. Food aversions – As you know from my many articles, I have been following an AIP and Paleo lifestyle since April 2016 due to my early adult food sensitivites. However, during the first tri, my body wanted NOTHING to do with anything healthy or green. What I mainly craved was plain kiddie/comfort food: mashed potatoes, Mac and cheese, French fries, pizza, burgers, WINGS. Have I mentioned before that pre-prego that I despised cheese? Although I have unclean cravings, I’ve done my best eat the cleanest cheat food I can. Clearly this kid doesn’t care if what they eat is Paleo, AIP, or clean. But strangely enough, no stomach aches or eczema break outs. It’s s trange how powerful hormones are huh?

No bump at 14w…….yet

Some more interesting wtf topics I discovered towards the end of my first tri are : you can’t continue getting a wax under the good after  certain point (um I’ve been getting a wax religiously every 4 weeks for the last five years), flying is extremely uncomfortable when you’re nauseas, and the last golden nugget I’ve found: women are prone to cavities and teeth issues while pregnant ! I’ve never had a cavity, let alone teeth issues in my life until this kid came along. I currently have a cavity that will need to be filled once Baby W aka Bdub comes in the spring and I have pregnancy gingivitis. Super fun!

Well, thank you for letting me rant about my WTFs and how I’ve been feeling. I’m almost out of the second tri (seriously how did that happen) and will be sharing those WTFs too. Who knew that there were so many issues lying underneath the happy go lucky pregnant women we see and hear about on social media.

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