Five Things That Moving States Has Taught Me

If y’all haven’t figured out by now, the hubs, pups, and I drove across the country (kind of) to our new digs in Denver. Although we’ve only been in Denver for five months, moving out of my hometown has taught me five important life lessons….

1. We already want to move back

It took me over a year to get a job transfer to Denver and when the opportunity came, we couldn’t be more ready. I had never lived outside of Chicago and I was mentally ready for the change. However, in the short time we’ve moved here, we know the burbs ain’t for us. Not only do we hate driving everywhere and only being able to walk places….on trails, the food is better, and the people are SO MUCH nicer in Chicago. Call me biased, but midwesterners are truly different than others in the country. I’ll take Chiberia over rude/introverted locals and transplants who are only concerned with getting drunk AF any day.

2. Moving has shown me people I can count on

Moving across the country requires you to miss a lot of events and going out with our friends. It also requires dedication and a two way street to keep in touch electronically. My group of close friends definitely widdled down again once we moved. I can count on two hands the friends I can say I’m still close with. These are friends I legit talk to on a daily basis and who I plan on remaining in touch with. I can’t even say my immediate family has tried to keep in touch – but I’ve never unfortunately had close relationships with them. I have a cousin and an aunt who I’m decently close with, so I’ll take that over nothing.

3. My marriage needed a tune up

Not to say that the hubs and I were in a bad place before we moved, but because of family issues, the miscarriage, our puppy’s death, and moving, it definitely caused our relationship to be put on the back burner. However, when you’re away from your friends and only have co workers to talk to, the only person you can truly count on is your spouse. My nights and weekends went from going out with friends to spending 95% of my free time with my hubs and dogs. Compared to where our relationship was in July, we are miles beyond that today.

4. I’m okay and strong to be on my own

I mean, no one likes to be away from their hometown, but the distance has taught me that although I’m not as happy as I was with where I’m living, I’m ultimately okay. I’m definitely Chicago-sick, but will I sit in the corner and cry? No. Now that we’re adding another Wilson to the pack in the spring, our little family has gotten stronger by depending on each other thru good times and bad. That’s what a real family is all about.

5. My body needs humidity

I don’t miss those sub zero temperatures or the frizziness in my hair, but living in such high elevation with close to zero moisture is not good for my body long term. For some lucky reason, my dry eye syndrome has been kept at bay, but I feel SO DRY all of the time. I go thru bottles of lotion so fast here, it’s insane, I also HAVE to drink 90-100oz of water per day so my eyeballs don’t feel like they will fall out.

Bottom Line: we don’t regret moving away, but we are so anxious to get back to Sweet Home Chicago!!!

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  1. movingmrs says:

    My husband and I move very often for his job. I find it exciting to move to different places. Even though, it is always a challenge when moving out of state and out of your current living situation. My husband and I enjoy opening up the ew chapter of our life together and moving forward together. We find it exciting to navigate our life together in a new place. We can only rely on each other for each move-this strengthens our marriage. Thank you for sharing!


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