Why I Gave Up Coffee

Can you imagine giving up coffee? For more than a week? How about forever? Not most would be able to answer yes. Just as the slogan says, “America runs on Dunkin” aka we need caffeine to survive. And it’s true. The smell, the taste, the jolt you get from the mornings first sip all stem from coffee.

My coffee consumption began at the age of 16 when I began to get those Coffee coolers from Gloria Jean’s during my mall visits with friends. This continued until I was 21 when I got my first big girl internship in downtown Chicago. Between studying for exams and helping me wake up from going out the night before, caffeine was my savior. Specifically black coffee. I couldn’t imagine starting my day without that delicious cup of Joe. I mean how would I be able to function?

In 2015, I began to follow intermittent fasting lifestyle and added in the bulletproof type of coffee. Bulletproof is basically brewing organic / the cleanest coffee money can buy, then dumping a hunk of fat (ghee, coconut oil, or both) inside. It sounds gross at first, but don’t knock it until you tried it. I loved bulletproof coffee. The super fatty morning coffee kept me. Full until about 1pm when I would eat lunch. Although falling asleep was difficult, my stomach was flat and I felt awesome. It was perfect. I pretty much bulletproofed until May of this year when my acid reflux began to come back …very frequently. After about two weeks of straight acid reflux pain, I knew I unfortunately had to make a change to my lifestyle. After all, constant reflux is definitely not good for your body.

I actually stumbled up in Rasa Koffee during one of my Instagram creeping sessions. I clicked on the website and was puzzled. A “coffee” tea that looks like coffee, but has no caffeine, and is actually good for you? How the eff is this supposed to get me going in the morning? Headquartered in Boulder, CO and started by two friends, Jamie and Lopa, thus created Rasa Koffee. Loaded with adaptogens, Rasa Koffee leaves you feeling lifted and happy while remaining grounded and calm. Btw adaptogens are herbal ingredients to help your adrenal function and to naturally help the body cope with anxiety and stress.

As of today, I am proud to be two months without coffee a have been drinking Rasa for almost every week day of that time period. I do miss having that coffee, especially when I smell it brewing at work, but I ho estate feel different. I feel that my acid reflux has significantly decreased, my sleep is a lot better, and I feel less fatigue during the day.

Have I felt a difference ? 

Although there is NO replacement for the smell or taste of that cup of joe, Rasa Koffee still wakes me up and provides that morning jolt I need. And I’m not just saying that.

How do I prepare it?

I use the ground RK and brew in my french press, as I did with coffee before. When I worked from home and was bulletproofing / intermittent fasting, I used to add in coconut oil and other spices to make it more “filling.” However, now that I can’t work from home at my new job (wtf), I brew and dump it into my canister for work.

Would I recommend it? 

For anyone looking to decrease the acidity in their body, to heal their guy, or just to get off of the caffeine, HELL YES! I can’t say that I’ll never ever not have a cup of coffee in the future, for now, I’m very content with my Rasa Koffee.

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