Behind the Scenes of Just Be Kitchen

Since Just Be Kitchen opened in the spring of 2017, I’ve been so envious. At that time, we didn’t know that we’d be moving and becoming residents of Denver three short months later. However, we planned to visit JBK while in Denver for my birthday in August. Needless to say, now that we are full blown residents, I forced the hubs to come with me to JBK for our first weekend brunch.

For those who don’t know, JBK is a newer Paleo fast-casual resident in the Lohi neighborhood. Founder, Jennifer Peters created a safe haven for individuals with food allergies and who live a Paleo, gluten free lifestyle. All of the menu items are gluten, grain, and refined sugar free. Inspirational quotes are even on the walls of the space, which is designed to encourage diners to take a “mindful moment” as they eat.

Founder, Jennifer Peters

The menu ranges from lighter options, breakfasts dishes, lunch selections, to a bone broth bar, drinks, smoothies, desserts, even a kids menu. Since we were pretty hungry, we went for the heavy hitters on the menu: The Fulfilled (Paleo) Burrito and Meat-zza Plate.

Founder, Jennifer P. was gracious enough to answer some behind the scenes questions about JBK:

Where did the idea of the concept come from ?
I originally started the idea in the confines of the classroom at Kellogg. Then it just grew from a class project into reality – it was a slow snowball but definitely started to gain more momentum after I put more focus into the idea.

How has JBK been received by the neighborhood ?
I hope positively. We are blessed to have locals that visit 4-6 days a week or even people from further that make a “date” once a week. We are grateful for any of the positive responses.

What has been the biggest struggle opening ?
Labor is always a challenge & finding people who share our ethos and desire to nourish the customer with care. Getting our name out & driving sales is a challenge. There are also so many details that go into the business – it’s hard not get caught up and stretched easily. Keeping the balance to ensure I’m working ON the business vs IN the business is my biggest challenge.

How often are the menus rotated?
We are fast-casual and thus, our aim is not to rotate items frequently. We’ll make seasonal changes as we move into Fall but generally we will not seek to rotate frequently.

Where are the ingredients sourced from?
Depends on what ingredient! We have high quality proteins from Niman Ranch, Tenderbelly, Frontier Farms and Rocky Mountain Eggs. We have organic produce from California and locally. We have Vermont maple syrup – we have German grass-fed butter. It just depends.

Is there a crowd favorite(s) of the menu so far ?
The Fulfilled, which is our Burrito!

What is next for JBK?
Our goal is to expand our mission, which is “to serve mindful mouthfuls from a conscious kitchen with kindness on a plate” to other areas in the Rocky Mountain region.

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