A New Type of Birthday – Palooza

Growing up in the middle of siblings made celebrating personal milestones hard because of the lack of recognition. So when I was finally old enough to drive, I gas’d up my car and decided to make a celebration of my own, Birthday-palooza. Instead of celebrating my birthday for one night, why not celebrate it for an entire month? Whether it means traveling somewhere, going out to dinners, bar crawling, trying new things – the options were endless. As long as I was surrounded with my people, I felt special and celebrated.

I continued this palooza for quite a long time, up until last year. To be honest, learning about my new food allergies and sensisitivities put a huge damper in my palooza fun. If I can’t eat whatever I want during my birthday season, that’s a huge gust of wind out of my sails. However, to my surprise, my husband came out of left field and saved my mood. Knowing my food restrictions, he found a chef in Chicago that would be able to use specific ingredients and oils so I can enjoy something tasty without itching afterwards. The meal ended up being phenomenal and super special. Afterwards, he even planned a surprise meet up at a bar with my closest friends so we can salsa all night.

This year is yet another different type of Palooza. We’re now living in a new city (different from where I’ve lived the last 27 years), all of my friends are back at home, but the thing that remains constant is my food restrictions. Although the hubs has blocked off my actual birthday (the 14th) for a surprise dinner, I’ve searched around town for ways I can indulge. I’ve of course found restaurants that I can eat in, however, a huge missing piece to the puzzle was the most obvious, a birthday cake.

I stumbled upon Sugar Bakeshop and Coffee House ‘s menu during my search and low and behold, I see the words PALEO BIRTHDAY CAKE listed. Holy shizballs, my prayers (and every other local DEN food sensitive person) have been answered. SBCH was started by a super cool chick named Natalie. After moving to Denver in 2006, Natalie saw a need for a fun, lighthearted bakery at the Cherry Creek Farmers Market. What started as just a Saturday morning market stand, quickly grew into a full time bakery business. After a few years of selling, networking, and growing into a legitimate wholesale bakery, Natalie opened Sugar Bakeshop and Coffee House in May of 2011.

Besides normal bakery items, SBCH also makes gluten free and Paleo goodies from SCRATCH everyday. Holy awesome right!? Here are some normal menu items on their site (pro tip: they also have HOLIDAY goodies for your dietary needs) :

All and all, Natalie and her crew made my first birthday away from my hometown and friends super special. Not only was I able to still have a mini bday celebration with the hubs and the babies, but I could blow out candles and cut myself a huge slice of diet approved heaven.

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