Kippy’s Ice Cream Shop

PSA ALERT FOR ALL PALEO/AIP’ers: A dairy free-clean ingredient ice cream shop exists!!!!!! Stumbling onto this ice cream shop was seriously the BEST thing that happened our last California trip.

Kippy’s Ice Cream is the FIRST EVER non-dairy ice cream and sorbet shop (in the U.S.) in Venice. Kippy’s first retail location was opened in 2013 with the objective of directly offering customers the best tasting good for them ice cream that nourishes the body, mind, and soul. And holy smokes, after my first bowl, I felt beyond nourished….and ecstatic.

Kippy’s combines raw coconut cream, organic fresh fruit, and raw unheated local honey for all of their incredible flavors. Not only do the creations taste like ice cream, look like ice cream, and it is way better than ice cream. Over 1,000 coconuts are cracked a week to make the exclusive Wild Harvested 1st Cold Pressed Coconut Cream. All of the ice creams are: Dairy free, Soy free, Nut free, Gluten free, Additive, Sugar, and Guilt Free!

Photo Courtesy of a Kippy’s Ice Cream
Photo Courtesy of a Kippy’s Ice Cream
Photo Courtesy of a Kippy’s Ice Cream

Check out the flavors and toppings that have ME and the rest of the ice cream lovers going crazy! 

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