Healthy Quickie: Kombucha

Hell yeah we’re on Healthy Quickie series #2. This month’s topic is kombucha. I’m sure by now you at least know what kombucha is…otherwise bravo to you for reading a post where you didn’t know what you were about to read. I started my kombucha journey about two years ago when I first began repairing my leaky gut and because I’ve seen some MAJOR improvements since I began, I’ll never get off the probiotic train.

What is kombucha: Its a fermented juice looking drink made of black tea and typically sugar. Kombooch is known for its health-promoting properties because it contains a bunch of vitamins, minerals, enzymes-something called SCOBY. The SCOBY aka the Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeast, is a collection of microbes in charge of for turning sweet tea into a probiotic drink. In other words, the living neighborhood of beneficial organisms turn sugar into healthful acids and probiotics.

Since I’m not a fan of sugar in general, finding a brand that didn’t use sugar was seriously hard to find. Then I found GT. “For GT Dave, unconventional foods have always been a mainstay in the family kitchen. Raised a vegetarian and instilled with Eastern philosophy, GT adopted a spiritual view of the world from a very young age. He recognized, early on, the importance of honoring and respecting all living things. GT’s parents, Laraine and Michael, had an affinity for “funky” foods, which was how, quite organically, Kombucha made its way into their home. Inspired by his mother’s aggressive breast cancer diagnosis, GT wanted share Kombucha in its truest, most natural state, so that everyone, everywhere, could potentially reap the same healing benefits. Since 1995, GT has been handcrafting products that are 100% raw, organic, and rich with living probiotics.

Today there are twenty different flavors in four different types of kombooch-all minus sugar. Eff yeah !! Plus, GT is carried Inc many different stores:Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, Fresh Thyme, Sam’s Club, even Target! Here are my top four flavors from GT:

Enlightened Synergy Trilogy – Purposefully listed as the first option, Trilogy is my absolute favorite flavor. The Trilogy tastes like a bubbly juice. But in this case, a super healthy and gut helping juice.

Enlightened Kombucha Lemonade – Tart and fizzy, this flavor I said perfect for a day at the beach or an afternoon walk at the office.

Classic Kombucha Multigreen – Dont green items just make you feel super healthy? I sure do. Especially when it tastes better than a super veggie tasting concoction.

Classic Kombucha Gingerade – Made with Kombucha, fresh pressed ginger juice, and love, the gingerade is perfect kombooch option if you’re nauseas or have an unsettled tummy.

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