Two Reasons Why you Should Stay in a Hotel in La Jolla over an Air Bnb.

Every time we go on vacation, our biggest question tends to be : do we rent a hotel or do we air bnb it? For all of our trips, we take into consideration the city, time of year, the weather, and the days of the week. Before our last getaway to California, we were faced with that same question. However, although we have visited SoCal many times, there are two main reasons why you should stay in a hotel while visiting La Jolla:

1. La Jolla Shores Hotel

Although we decided to ultimately Air bnb during our stay in Venice Beach, we were given the opportunity to stay at The La Jolla Shores Hotel during the second portion of our trip. Nestled right on the ocean in the popular La Jolla Shores of California, the panoramic views, airy breezeways, balconies, and the relaxed beach vibes of the hotel is infused with the laid-back spirit of California.

From the moment we walked into the hotel, the hubs and I were greeted with a beautiful architecture, flowers, friendly staff, and awesome views. Even though the weather was cloudy and cold outside, we checked out the pool, the beach, and most importantly, the bar. After we grabbed a drink and adored the go groups shoreline view, we checked into our room and freshened up for dinner. While we sat on our beachfront balcony and people watched, there was an unexpected knock at our door. We were greeted with a lovely cheese and cracker platter which was a perfect snack before dinner:

Another perk to staying in the hotel was definitely it’s in house restaurant. Combining a perfect sunset view with excellent service and delicious food, our last night in California was incredibly enjoyable. Although we couldn’t really see a pretty sunset because of the clouds and lack of good lighting, our dinner definitely made up for it. Here were some of our favorites :

Crisped Brussel Sprouts
Miso Glazed Swordfish

2. Galaxy Taco

We first went to Galaxy Taco during our mini moon last year answer let me tell you, we have been counting down the days until we were able to come back. No matter what, the ingredients are of always fresh and the food is always tasty. Plus, the restaurant is literally down the street from the hotel-about a 10 minute walk. Perfect distance to nurse that food coma. We of course had some repeat items from our visit last year, but we tried some new dishes. Here was what we ate:

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