Why I’m a Rebbl and no Longer “Trying” for our Rainbow Baby

One of the most commonly asked questions I’ve gotten since my miscarriage is “when you going to start trying again?” Let me tell you how enraging that question is. I mean SHIT, it took my body 3 months after miscarrying to lose the HcGs, it took my mind / confidence even longer to heal (up until late March to be exact), and we lost our adopted puppy from Distemper in February. Of course trying again for our Rainbow Baby has been a priority, but can you cut a girl some slack?

I’ve always taken really good care of my body, at least since 2011, so my diet and mood haven’t been the issues. However, a constant stress in my life has been my big case of FOMO and being a middle child. Brought on by living in a lower middle class on the South Side of Chicago with four kids, I was always missing out on stuff growing up and never feeling good enough. Things like going on cool vacations, getting Lisa Frank school supplies, going out to eat, awesome gifts, and being noticed by my parents  – I rarely ever experienced those gifts. That FOMO also grew as I became an adult : always wanting to go out, having non- Walmart clothing, celebrating huge birthdays, getting married in my 20s, having a good paying job, and being a mom before I’m 30.

Fast forward to today: after adopting two new fur babies in March (that have completely stolen my heart) and going through many medical tests that determined that my body was NOT the cause to my miscarriage, my FOMO has rapidly disintegrated. Sure, my husband and I have had a very rough 8 months, however, we are in a very good place. There is zero reason why I need to continue to add to my daily struggles and stress out at why I’m still not pregnant. So I’m not letting it bother me anymore and letting the chips fall when they fall. I even threw my ovulation stick at the wall and made it shatter (after a huge meltdown of course). But let me tell you, seeing that stick shatter into pieces was the best part of these past 8 months.

In addition to my normal daily vitamins I take, I decided to casually hike up my Maca intake (FYI Maca is a root that helps regulate hormones). This way, my body will always be preparing for a rainbow baby without me putting too much thought into it. On a normal grocery run, I stumbled upon a brand that promotes a surprisingly amount of Maca. REBBL, the name, is an acronym for roots, extracts, berries, bark and leaves – the various all-plant constituents we use to craft the world’s finest super herb Elixirs, utilizing the most revered healing plants on earth. REBBL brings the highest quality ingredients, with herbal adaptogens to help achieve optimum state of wellness. Besides having organic, fair trade, and real ingredients, most of REBBL’s elixirs contain Maca -Which is perfect to grab on the go.

I’ve gotten the opportunity to try all of REBBL’s flavors and here are my favorites:

Maca cold brew coffee:

This elixir is something I’ve nicknamed “two birds one stone” because it contains my morning ritual, my dose of fair-trade coffee and the coveted superfood I’m focusing on (maca). Add in the organic coconut milk, sugar, and pink salt, it’s the perfect silky and energizing morning pick me up.

Vanilla spiced protein

This protein was DEF one of my favorites. Why? Because it’s almost like a PSL from SBX, except it’s not filled with artificial crap and it’s WAY tastier. Besides containing maca, this protein contains two other superherbs: reishi and ashwaganda. Reishi is a mushroom that focuses on liver detoxification, heart health, and healthy aging. Ashwaganda is all about enhancing vitality and relaxing the body.

Honorable non-Maca mention: Turmeric Lemon Tart

Although it does not obtain maca, I HAD to mention this elixir because it is so damn good and it contains my other favorite super herb, turmeric. Turmeric is a deep-orange culinary and medicinal root from southeast India used for inflammation and recovery. Plus, the added bonus that this drink is tart and lemon flavored. REBBL says it perfectly, this drink is “citrus tang meets golden meringue.”

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