Why Drinking Water is Important

I’m officially coining this term “a gallon (of water) a day, keeps the dr away.” As I write this article, I’m sitting here bloated AF from eating way too much yesterday. There was really only one non diet compliant type of food that I ate, but holy hell, does it wreck my stomach and make my body all around sore. Looking back at my prior detox article, I was trying to figure out how to help my current situation. But, I’ve realized that I left off one key thing to successful detoxing….aqua !

Drinking {filtered} water in general is a bodily necessity. Drinking more than the recommended 8 glasses a day is EXTRA beneficial. But why? Why is water so important ? Starting from the basics, water is obviously needed for your body to function. Your body is made up of 70%+ of water, so add in walking around, working out, and just living/breathing, your body needs to replenish itself. Four other important benefits include:

  • Skin Health – Drinking water and staying hydrated also helps with skin health, encouraging healthy circulation and firmer, more elastic skin. Aka less pimples and more glowing skin.
  • Peak Performance / Energy – If you are involved in any sports activity, you need to be hydrated before, during and after, consuming upwards of a gallon depending on the duration and intensity of your exercise in order to stay in top physical form.
  • Toxins flushed – Environmental toxins and those in our food can build up in our bodies, leaving us feeling tired and like crap. Our kidneys need fluids to flush out the toxins from our body, and water is the perfect way to drain those clogged pipes. Plus, for those of us who are trying to be future mommies, we NEED those pipes unclogged to make room for other important things to occur.
  • Bloating – Although this doesn’t usually help, today when I drank a bunch of water, I noticed my shitty food- pains and bloating s went away a lot faster than usual. Perhaps it’s the weather ? Try it out !

Ever since September, I’ve made it a goal to drink at least 80 ounces of water a day to keep everything in tip top shape. Have I noticed any changes ? Two things: my hair and skin are a lot less-dry. Although I don’t particularly see a glow (yet), I feel super skinny….at least when I’m drinking 80oz + not deviating from my AIP lifestyle.

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