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Behind every blogger, there is a person, and their story. Focusing on food, lifestyle, health conscious, fashion – each concept is unique and we all have our favorites. Since I came onto the blogging scene back in 2015, Her Tasty Life has been one of my personal favorites to follow….and for many good reasons.

With an insatiable appetite for all things tasty, Brett Firdman is the face behind Her Tasty Life. As a Los Angeles native now living in Chicago, (side note B, how could you leave beautiful forecasts for Chicago’s chaotic weather!?!) Brett is obsessed with food, cooking, travels, trends, and planning for her little man’s arrival this summer. Her focus has always been on the more scrumptious things in life. From the best in fine dining, to holy grail beauty products and covet-worthy fashion, no morsel is off limits. She adores street food and dive bars just as much as stilettos and champagne. <— Um amazing.

When Brett isn’t blogging, she designs killer direct marketing campaigns as a National Marketing Consultant to some of the country’s largest retailers, and traveling the globe with her husband, Eric. The adventurous duo have an incurable case of wanderlust and rarely miss the opportunity to get on a plane, especially to their favorite destination, Kauai. Her Tasty Life is a spot for all things delectable, which is the reason why Brett has been a great person to follow. Now especially with a little one on the way, Brett is a great inspiration (especially for me) for how to manage her busy career, still have adventures, and prepare to be a mommy. How does she do it? Let’s find out:

Were you and your husband trying or was this a surprise? 

We were trying! We decided to give it a go and made the decision together late Summer 2016. It was only a few months later that we found out we were expecting (early November) right after returning from travel to Tokyo and Napa. Talk about a send off! I was able to get all of my beloved sushi and wine in right before learning of the pregnancy. I found out the day after I returned from Napa.

How have you been managing working with the physical demands of the first and second trimester ? 

Working through my first trimester was hard, I’m going to be honest there. I was exhausted and went through some pretty serious bouts of nausea that always seemed to hit me right in the middle of the workday. Morning sickness, what? Mine always was ultra-present in the afternoons and evenings. It made being in the office tough and there were a few days I laid on the floor behind my desk just to get a little relief (my boss isn’t going to read this, right?). Ultimately, I had to listen to my body and when I needed rest, I tried to take it. I seriously slept through most of my first tri.

Luckily, right as the second trimester hit, those symptoms subsided and I was able to feel 100% like myself again. The second trimester was funny that way, I wasn’t showing at all, and with my energy returning back to normal there were moments I totally forgot I was pregnant. If it wasn’t for the constant craving I still had for apples, and the baby finally starting with kicks and movements around week 21, there wouldn’t have been many obvious signs.

Courtesy of Brett Firdman

Have you had any random cravings or food aversions ?

Absolutely. First trimester was a doozy with food. I was really nauseous and feeling aversions to most of my favorite things, especially proteins. I couldn’t stand the though of meat, chicken, or fish and turned into a certified vegetarian. It was crazy! My primary source of happiness was derived from sucking on lemons and eating cold apples straight from the fridge. Sometimes I would eat 4 or 5 apples in a day. Fortunately, once the second trimester hit, the aversions went away, and it was mostly cravings being kicked into overdrive. I’ve definitely had some weird ones – chicken wings, funfetti cake, cucumbers with vinegar, spicy foods – but none of the typical peanut butter and pickles jonesing you hear about most commonly.

What’s something you miss eating/drinking/ doing and can’t wait to have/do after the little man arrives?

I’m not going to lie, I’ve really been missing my cocktails and wine. Being at dinners or events and not being able to partake always makes me feel a little wistful. My doctor says it’s fine to have a glass of wine here and there, which I’ll do, but I miss doing cocktail hour at home with my hubby (he’s a former mixologist) and brunch-time mimosas with the girls.

What’s your favorite item to wear while pregnant? 

Thus far, it’s been mostly cute tops and distressed maternity jeans. I’ve found a few really awesome resources in ASOS maternity and companies like Bae the Label and Seraphine, and they have awesome maternity pieces that are exact dupes for the things I normally wear day-to-day. Can you believe I even found some awesome maternity leather leggings?! I’m obsessed and so happy that maternity wear has taken a cooler turn. I was really panicking it was going to be mumu dresses and triangle tops for nine months!

Courtesy of Brett Firdman

Have you been doing to prepare for the arrival- Classes, reading, shopping, decorating, etc. ?

Now that I’m in my third trimester (yay!), I’m just entering the “get ready for arrival” phase. We signed up for a few classes at the hospital where I’ll be giving birth, and have ordered furniture and decorative items for the nursery. This is when it all starts to feel so real!

Every week I have several apps (The Bump, Ovia Pregnancy, What to Expect) that funnel me information about my current stage of pregnancy, where the baby is at developmentally, informative articles, tips and recipes that have been extremely helpful. I would highly recommend these to any expectant moms-to-be out there.

Do you have a favorite baby brand that you can recommend ?

I’m sure I’ll have plenty more in the months to come once our little guy has arrived, but currently I’m obsessing over the stroller we just picked out from Uppababy. It has so much character and style and really fits us as a couple.

I’m also loving clothes from Janie & Jack, H&M and Mini Trend.

Courtesy of Brett Firdman

Is there something that you’re concerned or nervous about? 

Being a good mom is at the top of that list, of course. I think every first time mom has those worries – how will you know what to do? Will you be able to anticipate his needs? But ultimately, I have some amazing examples in the strong women in my family and plan to do it with a lot of help. It takes a village, right? Setting yourself up for success with a great support team and lots of communication should help you get through almost anything.

What is your post birth plan for continuing to work? 

I’m definitely planning to continue working after maternity leave. I’ll be returning to my marketing consulting job as well as running Her Tasty Life with a new dimension thrown in – mastering the art of balancing lifestyle content with new mommy info is going to be interesting. I don’t want to overwhelm my audience with the “mom stuff”, however, from what I can tell with this pregnancy thus far, there has been some real, positive encouragement and interest in what’s happening with me on this personal journey. I love that and can’t wait to share more! I’m also extremely excited to get back on a plane for more travel coverage. I had to sit out several trips (ugh, ZIKA) this year due to being expectant, so I’m raring to get back out there and have some awesome tropical destinations in my sights for late 2017-2018.

What’s one thing you can recommend to future mommy’s who are also balancing eventful lives?

My best recommendation is stay true to you! It’s very easy to get swept up in the excitement, stress, and overwhelming nature of being a mom, but YOU’RE still in there! Your hobbies, your passions, don’t forget about them. The best way to be a great mom – and a great you – is to take care of yourself first. So whatever that means for you, build a little time in every week to do it. For me, it’s quiet time spent writing or taking a bath and sipping on a La Croix. I don’t skip it, I prioritize it, and it really helps to keep me balanced and grounded.

Courtesy of Brett Firdman

For more on Brett, check her out at (where she also lists her social media handles).

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  1. I love this – and you! – thank you for the AMAZING feature, Aimee!


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