Why Drinking Water is Important

I’m officially coining this term “a gallon (of water) a day, keeps the dr away.” As I write this article, I’m sitting here bloated AF from eating way too much yesterday. There was really only one non diet compliant type of food that I ate, but holy hell, does it wreck my stomach and make my body all around sore. Looking back at my prior detox article, I was trying to figure out how to help my current situation. But, I’ve realized that I left off one key thing to successful detoxing….aqua !

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Healthy Quickies

Hi everyone!

Because everyone has crazy schedules (including me) and don’t have time to read long(er) articles, I created a monthly series called, “Healthy Quickies.” Working with my favorite trainer and friend, David Hardin, HQ’s will be quick and simple pointers on how to make each and every one of us a better (healthier) human. Whether it’s a workout move, health tip of the day, common idea, etc. check out the HQ’s for your monthly download. This month’s topic: Wedding Arms and Shoulders

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