6 Super Products To Help Boost Fertility

My body has had six months since my surgery to grieve and rid itself of those horrific HcGs. During that time, I read a lot of books, reached out to a lot of different people, traveled a lot, and have practiced healing myself. Whether it’s continuing my regimens of super clean foods, getting my weekly acupuncture, going to therapy once a week, or adopting our furbabies, I’m positive my body is so much better off this time around. How am I so positive? Well, I am on the surface. But I have to believe that because I’ve been fueling my body with these six super products, it will help re-boost my chances of one day being a mommy.

Great Lakes Collagen

I’m sure you’ve heard me brag about GL collagen cans-Whether in my smoothie, in my sweets, or coffee, I consume the collagen every day. Why? Collagen is an excellent source of protein and good fat for your skin, nails, and hair. Plus, it plays a big part in speeding up your damaged gut. Although I had a squeaky clean gut prior to getting pregnant, the first tri nausea, and then the unfortunate d&c recovery took a toll on my body. With my hormones all over the place these last few months, I’ve kept up with my one a day scoop of collagen.

Artisana Organics

I can’t say enough good things about Artisana Organics. All of their products are organic and pure. The best part is that all of their butters come in individual packets too–perfect for a snack while you’re out or traveling. You better believe that I loaded up my carry-on for Italy with the rest of my stash. I mean, a girl’s gotta eat on a 10h flight!

Organ Meats

I mean, Organ Meats are a given. I know they’re gross and uncommon, however, PLEASE do not knock it until you’ve tried it. Plus, because organ meats aren’t usually the first, second, or third choice, organ meat is actually pretty inexpensive compared to other cuts. I’m such an advocate for certain brands and I will say it until I’m blue in the face – US Wellness Meats is literally your one stop shop for all things organ. I get a delivery at least once a month for my household because we can’t get enough. Plus, chicken livers with no water or salt at Whole Foods ranges from $2.5.-$3 a carton.


Clearly, not the entire jar of honey (at least not in one sitting 😛 ), but I’ve been eating at least a heaping spoonful of raw honey almost everyday since May of 2016 and I swear, it’s done my body right. Raw honey has crazy good benefits like weight management, being a natural allergy relief, an antioxidant powerhouse, a sleep promoter, wound healer, and natural cough syrup. The spoonful definitely came in hand last week after the hubs and I got sick from our flight home. I was recently approached by a company called Killer Bees, weird right?Anyways,  I tried out their sourwood honey and holy cannoli. It was silky smooth. I may have already finished the bottle, but I highly recommend them. They’re a smaller shop located in NC and make lots of cool honey products.

TigetNut Products

What is a tigernut you ask? I didn’t know either at first. TigerNuts are actually not nuts, they are small root vegetables. Here are some great benefits to consider:

  • Rich In Fiber
  • A Healthy Substitute For Lactose Intolerance
  • Rich In Vitamins E And C
  • Good Source Of Magnesium
  • Plentiful Arginine a.k.a. heart healthy
  • Protects Against Cardiovascular Disease
  • Potassium Booster
  • Cures Erectile Dysfunction (perfect for that baby making!)

I like Tigernuts as a snack or the Tigernut milk substitute for my morning smoothies.

PreNatals – Garden of Life

Consuming prenatals months prior to conception, during pregnancy, and after pregnancy is an obvious to-do. However, choosing which brand to use is kind of hard. You want the best and cleanest type of product, without skimping on the vitals you need. Garden of Life supplies prenatals containing

Primally Pure Products

I finally completed my goal of converting all aspects of my life to be toxin free-two including deodorant and body lotion. Primally Pure  was started by Bethany, who like me, also used to use cheap mainstream products. It wasn’t until after she discovered the power of eating real food that she subsequently purged my bathroom cabinet of toxic skincare products and began formulating her own replacements made with real, recognizable ingredients. Much to her surprise, the products Bethany made actually worked better than the others she tried in the past. Her acne even cleared up and my skin felt (and looked) better than it ever had. After about a year of recipe tweaking and a ton of encouragement from friends and family, Bethany decided to start selling my products on her family farm’s website.

I have tried other clean, non toxic deoderants in the past, however, because those products didn’t help my sweating issue and only caused me to smell even more horrific (literally equivalent to a bum on the L), I immediately ran back to my old Dove Deodorant. However, I had my ah-ha moment when I began using Primally Pure’s sensitive deodorant while I was in Italy. And no, I’m not just saying that like a typical blogger, I actually have seen results and prefer PP’s deodorant to the rest. In the 3+ weeks I’ve been using the deoderant, I 1. haven’t smelt like a bum, 2. my underarms are no longer irritated, and 3. I feel better knowing that the ingredients are safe, organic, and 100% natural. I also packed PP’s body butter in my carry on while abroad, specifically the lavender and eucalyptus butter, and I’m so glad I did. I didn’t have to settle for the toxin filled travel size products sold in store and the butter kept my eczema at bay.

All I can say is, PLEASE switch to Primally Pure products. Your body and skin will thank you.

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