Paleo / AIP / Whole30 Polish Pierogis and Dumplings

Ugh, what I would do to reverse back the clock to 2005’s Christmas Eve dinner at my Grandmother’s house. This was the last time my family has eaten a homemade polish meal. This was also before I moved out of my parents house, had perpetual student loan payments, experienced my first real heartbreak, food allergies, or experienced a miscarriage. Life was easy and filled with copious amounts of food, more specifically, delicious carby foods. However, it’s currently 2017: my older relatives have passed, the current relatives have gotten older (with more health issues), and current Christmas dinners are store bought from local Polish stores and reheated. What’s a girl with food allergies to do when she has polish nostalgia?

Although I do know how to make our family recipes, cooking for 18 people to keep the tradition alive (with zero help) doesn’t exactly make me eager to do so. Plus, Christmas Eve is spent with my in-laws on the East Coast, so I couldn’t physically cook dinner anyways. However, there are 364 more days of the year where I can make polish foods. Here is my Polish nostalgia meal for normal people vs people with food issues like me:

Pictured: Normal-Person Polish Dinner: Dumplings, Polish Kielbasa, and the beloved Pierogis

Loaded with butter, white flour, white potatoes, and (most likely) nitrate filled sausages 😦 If I didn’t grow up on this and love the homey flavors, I wouldn’t miss this combo at all.

Courtesy of Huffington Post


Although I’ve been exhausted taking care of our very sick puppy and working like a horse during the week, I woke up on Superbowl Sunday energized. Even if it took me a few tries, I was determined to make an AIP/Paleo Polish meal. To my luck, the dumplings and pierogis worked on the FIRST time #Win

Paleo/ AIP / Whole 30 Polish Meal

(Serves 2)

2 sliced up Polish Kielbasa Links from Teton Waters Ranch

1 Heaping cup of Sauerkraut from Natural Value

AIP Dumplings*

(Mix 1 cup Cassava flour, 2/3 cup of filtered water, pinch of sea salt = mix together until dough like; boil in water until dumplings floats)

AIP Pierogis* (Mix 1 cup Cassava flour, 2/3 cup of filtered water, pinch of sea salt = mix together until dough like, stuff with choice of filling (I chose sweet potato); boil in water until float)

*The dough for both is very chewy and pillow-like. I threw some bacon fat on the dumplings to prevent from sticking.

img_0845 img_0846

3 Comments Add yours

  1. blaly says:

    I can’t believe someone found a way to make my favorite meal better for me! Can’t wait to try this.


  2. A.S. says:

    I was so sad to follow the links and find that this really isn’t AIP, since the sausage has both nightshades and seeds. The nightshades aren’t mentioned in the highlighted description but when you read the ingredients, it says paprika…. And the link of peppers to joint pain is real for me.


    1. aimeewilson says:

      So sorry for the confusion, the pierogis and dumplings are AIP, just not the sausage. I included all of the lifestyle types since you can pick and choose what works for you. Happy holidays !


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