Behind the Scenes – Artango Bar and Steakhouse

Now that the dust has settled and our moving boxes have been put away, the hubs and I ADORE our new neighborhood. There are no ambulances every 5 minutes, no busy streets with tourists, or at the mercy of annoying high-rise elevators. We love that we feel like we live in a “big kid” home now that we’re married. Plus, new neighborhood to us means new opportunities to eat out (as long as they meet my dietary restrictions). Fortunately for us, Artango Bar & Steakhouse is right in our hood.

Started by a family of passionate individuals, Artango Bar & Steakhouse was created to house music, dining, dancing and sharing . The family’s idea of combining good steak, fine wines, Argentine tango dancing, art and good company together had been growing for years. Within the Lincoln Square (street) gates, Artango Bar & Steakhouse is a place where people can enjoy a warm setting, (large amounts of) delicious food, and a great rustic atmosphere.

What’s cool about Artango is that it houses Aregentine Tango dance floors in the dining room. You can find it all at milongas in Buenos Aires, a.k.a. Argentine restaurants with tango dance floors. Live entertainment is offered on the weekends which is perfect for a quiet(er) night out, especially during the freezing cold.

**For those who have food sensitivities, the restaurant uses olive oil! (yas!)


Broken up into three main sections: Entradas (a.k.a. heavy appetizers), Platos Principales (a.k.a. main dishes), and De Nuestra Parilla (a.k.a. food from the grill),  the menu is huge and oil compliant (they only use EVOO- YAS).


Having just spent the weekend in Boston for thanksgiving, we were still craving some seafood, so we decided to order the Octopus (Pulpo A La Parilla) and Shrimp Ceviche (Ceviche Isla).



Being a tentacle lover, the octopus was perfectly meaty and charred. It wasn’t chewy at all and was finished with a nice touch of heat from the chili oil. The shrimp on the other hand had a unique presentation. Plated on a giant salt rock, the shrimp had the perfect amount of acidity and heat. P.S., the shrimp wasn’t horribly salty.

Platos Principales

To keep on with the seafood train, we ordered the Paella del Sur. ** FYI, This dish as is, is not AIP or Paleo, but if you omit the rice, it definitely is.


For some reason I’ve always loved when dishes are presented in a large skillet- It makes the meal feel more homey and relaxed. So it made me extra excited when our waiter bought a huge pan of paella loaded with mini scallops, cooked shrimp, fish, calamari, langoustine, and saffron rice. As soon as that pan was dropped on our table, I dove in. What was the best part of it? That coveted crispy rice at the bottom of the pan, duh!

De Nuestra Parilla 

Although we had just eaten a ton of food in the first two courses, we made sure to leave room for the main event, the meat! Served (literally) on a platter, we were given slices of luscious and charred medium cooked beef accompanied with three different types of sauces. The first sauce was made of parsley and olive oil, the second was a brown peppery sauce with a zing (equivalent to an rustic Argentine bbq sauce), and a vibrant green chimichurri sauce.


Truth be told, each bite was so tender and flavorful that it didn’t even need sauce. The juices and char from the grill made each bite simple and elegant. However, my favorite sauce to lather on my slices was hands down, the parsley and olive oil sauce. To me, the less bells and whistles, the better the protein can shine on its own.


How were the prices? Fair, pretty competitive with Tango Sur. Probably $20-30 a person without drinks.

How was the atmosphere? For the most part, it was pretty dark inside as a normal steakhouse would be – plus we went at 5 p.m. and daylight savings makes it extra dark outside.

How was service? Our service was excellent – very attentive, especially to my food allergies.

Would we go back to Artango? Most definitely.

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