Thanksgiving in Pilgrim Land

This is the first time I’ve not attended Thanksgiving Dinner with my family. However, we had made plans weeks before we found out that I was pregnant, to do our own thing. We wanted to head back to one of our favorite cities, Boston. While we were there, we wanted to visit Plymouth, where the whole holiday began. Genius right?

Especially now that we are still healing from the miscarriage, the timing for this trip couldn’t have been better. I know the holidays are meant to be spent with your family members or friends, but the hubs and I wanted to spend it exactly how we wanted to, as our own little family.  While looking for places to dine on Thanksgiving evening, I came across a beautiful little farm-to-table restaurant in the Plymouth region. I mean seriously- how more perfect could this get, sight seeing Plymouth Rock, the Mayflower area, and then dining in the area where the first settlers had their Tgiving meal.

img_0807 img_0808

Rye Tavern

517 Old Sandwich Road, Plymouth MA 02360 

Located 40 miles out of Boston in Plymouth, Rye Tavern is the perfect setting to enjoy local food & drink. Working with local farmers, the kitchen team to source ingredients for the ever changing brunch and dinner menus.

Taverns in the Plymouth area remained into the 19th century when they were gradually replaced by more modern hotels and restaurants. But in the outlying area of town, along the oldest public road in the country, our traditional 18th century tavern still exists. The Cornish Tavern stands today, looking much the same as it did two centuries ago. It is currently run as the Rye Tavern, keeping the old tavern tradition alive.

After driving 25 minutes thru the pitch dark black woods, the hubs and I pulled up to the beautiful lit Rye Tavern. To give you some idea, picture no cell service, no streetlights, just the dark trees surrounding this log tavern. Outside the tavern was holiday music playing and peeking thru the windows, we saw a quaint little dining room. Because it was super dark (thanks daylight savings time), I couldn’t get a good picture, but the inside of the tavern was so homey. Everything from the tables to the ceiling was rustic and screamed “old-school-thanksgiving-feast.”

As you all know, with how many food allergies/sensitivities I’m walking around with, you can understand why I purposefully chose a spot that sourced farm-to-table food and made food as pure as possible. Once we were seated, we were given the set Thanksgiving menu which looked seriously bomb! However, I was told that knowing my food restrictions, Chef created a personalized Thanksgiving menu for me. I was beyond surprised and touched that someone would take the time to accommodate my needs as much as he did – especially during a hectic holiday dinner.

Course 1 – The Greens

While the hubs munched (and basically licked the plate clean) on a fall salad, made of beets, cranberries, sunflower sees, local blue cheese, and onions, I gobbled up my AIP dressed salad made with pears, beets, greens, and coconut. Smiling at each other after our first courses, it was clear that we were in for a treat for the rest of the meal.

Course 2 – The Main Attraction

I will admit, knowing I was in for a skin-repercussion, I sneaked a bite of my hubs’ turkey dinner. Why? Two words: Apple & Pecan Stuffing. I remember years and years of my family’s real stuffing (look at my latest stuffing post) and I promise, Chef’s stuffing blew theirs outta the water. Seriously, everything on his dish looked phenomenal – the luscious gravy covered turkey, the sweet peas, mashed Yukon potatoes, squash, and that stuffing – ugh. Luckily mine was equally amazing, and I mean that.

My entree was roasted fresh caught salmon sitting on roasted char and Yukon potatoes, then topped with pickled onions. Yeah, I know it’s not as glamorous as my hubs’, but again, I vow it was equally as delicious.



Course 3 – The Sweet Stuff

Ever since I turned 27 man, I swear I’ve turned into the biggest sweet tooth. Annoying, yet fun at the same time. But, very difficult to enjoy at restaurants when they primarily use dairy in their desserts. While my hubs waited for his homemade pumpkin cheesecake, I got a little sad because I knew there was no way I was getting something sweet. Ugh, all I wanted was a sweet note to end the night with. Know what I mean?

However, I noticed that our server walked to our table with two bowls. She placed my hub’s cheesecake in front of him and then put a bowl in front of me. As simple as it sounds, the combination of fresh apples, mint, fresh cranberries, and drizzled raw honey was the freeking perfect dessert.

img_0800 img_0803

I hear people say all of the time “this was the best thanksgiving ever” blah blah blah every year. I mean, don’t just say it to say it, actually MEAN it. However, I’ve officially joined that band wagon this year. Because Chef and Rye made my Thanksgiving so personal and delicious, I can officially say that this Thanksgiving has been the best holiday in all of my 27 years. Never did I have to question the ingredients of the dish or give my usual speech to the servers of foods I can’t have. For the first time, I was able to enjoy a meal in peace and feel normal. Rye made my Thanksgiving memorial and will be tough to beat going forward…..if we don’t decide to come back.

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