How to Repair your Mind and Body

If you’ve experienced a miscarriage like I have, you’ve realized that there’s not an instruction manual or any sort of normal recovery to base your expectations on. With every pregnancy being different, so are all of women’s bodies. It’s important to make yourself aware that researching groups online or asking around won’t speed up the recovery process, it will only speed up anxiety and decrease your patience.

Before my D&C, I was told that my HcG levels (118k before procedure) would drop into the hundreds, if not single digits. Logically thinking, that would make sense because all of the contents of conception are removed during that procedure. It’s only natural your hormones would drop accordingly, right? WRONG. A week after my D&C, we found that my HcG levels were still in the 18k. Sure a significant drop from 118k, but 18k to me is still very high. Also another fun topic to discuss, the post-procedure bleeding. Don’t even listen to any doctor who will tell you that you’ll experience “light bleeding.” They’re full of prunes. I had hard core period cramps and flow for almost two weeks. And it gets even better –  After a D&C you can’t use tampons. It was incredibly difficult to be mobile or function normally for those two weeks.

During those two weeks, my mind suffered horribly because I couldn’t work out and I was reminded every minute of every one of those days of the experience I just went thru. I’ve never experienced such a dark and angry place in my life going thru those weeks; and it’s because things were occurring within my body that were out of my control. Although we may not be able to control what our hormones do or the moods we fall into because of the shift of hormone levels, one thing we can control is what goes into our bodies. While I’m still waiting for my stubborn HcG levels to drop for “trying mode” again and wait to get back to being able to work out, here are some ways I’m repairing my body from the trauma it experienced”

  1. Loading up on healthy fats and nuts – My hands down favorite company for healthy fats is Artisana Organics. If I’m at home, I have a generous scoop of coconut butter once a day and I also load up on the coconut oil/nuts at least twice a day (maybe more depending on how angry I am that day). Because I’ve had to travel more frequently because of work, Artisana’s squeeze packs came in handy. I also pack Great Lakes collagen with me to enjoy in my drinks or smoothies everyday.
  2. Prenatal Vitamins with DHA – I learned during my first pregnancy that unless a prenatal vitamin has DHA in it (necessary vitamins for baby’s brain and spinal cord growth), it’s basically a waste. However, you can supplement with a brand of DHA (my favorite is Nordic Naturals) or just eat a lot of DHA rich seafood, like wild sockeye salmon (my favorite brand is Alaska Direct), sardines, anchovies, or oysters. Since my hubs and I are headed to Boston for Thanksgiving, we are beyond excited to be feeding our bodies with tons of seafood. It can only help continue to make my nest ready for an egg to hatch.
  3. Ovulation Sticks – Although it took us almost no time to get pregnant over the summer, that might not be the case when we start trying again. To prepare myself, I’ve decided to arm myself with boxes of ovulation tests and EPTs, so that when I get the green light from the doctor to begin trying again, we’ll know what days are optimal for conception. Because their tests are super easy to read and easy to purchase in most drugstores/convenient stores, we’ve decided to rely on Clearblue’s Digital Ovulation Tests and EPTs.
  4. Allowing myself to get emotional – Whether I’m pissed off, sad, pessimistic, or avoiding the topic, a goal for myself is to let myself feel whatever I need to keep healing. If I hold stuff in, then I won’t be able to get thru our experience, nor will I be mentally ready to begin trying again.
  5. (Dark) Green it up – Now that I temporarily don’t have any food aversions, I need to get my body back on track and eating all of my normal dark, leafy, greens. It goes without saying that eating as clean and as organic as possible can only help your body recover from what it’s been thru. Plus, with all of the vitamins and minerals within those greens, it’ll help your mind stabilize from the shift in hormones. While I’ve been traveling, I’ve been drinking smoothies everyday and adding “boosts” such as spirulina, maca, collagen, and probiotics to get my body back to pre-pregnancy.
  6. Therapy – Yes, I have a therapist and for good reason. No, I’m not clinically depressed or in need of someone to guide me to making the right decisions, but I wanted to find someone help me understand myself better. I actually call my therapist my happy-coach because she helps me improve myself by making me aware of my actions and helps me understand things better thru a different lens.
  7. Spending time with the people you trust and love – This goes without saying that my bond with my hubs has grown much deeper because of our experience. Even if it’s binge watching Grey’s or taking a walk around the neighborhood, spending time with your spouse, mother, friends, family members, etc. makes you feel that you’re cared about.
  8. Cut yourself A LOT of slack – I’ve never been one to overly “treat” myself or use excuses to not do something, But going thru this experience has forced me to slow down my mind and my actions. If something didn’t feel right, like not going out with friends or not answering someone’s question via text, I didn’t apologize once. The priority has to be on YOU and you are not obligated to accommodate anyone else’s feelings but your own.
  9. Take a Break from Working Out – This is something I NEVER thought I’d hear myself say. But especially after my procedure, I literally couldn’t workout because of how much I was bleeding. Plus, by working out, it logically would make the flow heavier. Instead of doing my normal Tacfit and Barre moves, I just relaxed and did arms with little 5lb weights. Although I hate not being able to workout, I knew I needed to listen to my body right now. What my body needed was to slow down and REST.
  10. Hugs – Growing up on the Southside of Chicago, we weren’t raised to be “touchy-feely.” However, if someone offers a hug to me nowadays, I go in big time. Hugs are a perfect way for me to feel loved and supported without words being said.

If anyone has any other suggestions to help my “nest” get even homier, please let me know. I’m willing to try anything!

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