How to Get Through the Midweek Slump? Let’s Talk Brunch.

Is it just me or does it already seem like the longest week ever? It’s only Wednesday, but I’ve been thinking about the weekend…since about the minute I set my Monday morning alarm. Fear not, here’s something to ease your mind and help you get through the week. There’s a new weekend brunch in town!

Whether or not you’ve stopped into West Loop’s Smack Shack for a lobster roll, one thing’s for sure: the newly launched brunch is a must-try.

We all have our favorite weekend brunch spot, and SS’s menu does not disappoint. With seven different food stations, there’s something for everyone, seafood lover or not. The open floor filled with an abundance of tasty creations can feel overwhelming at first, but here are my tips to treat that Sunday Funday fix:

1. Go with a group. Smack Shack’s welcoming atmosphere is meant for a party. The $15 unlimited mimosa bar is the farthest thing from the classic watered down all-you can-drink brunch. The staff will keep your glasses full; then, you can mix it up with various juices like classic OJ or watermelon orange. Don’t forget to try a splash of the strawberry-basil syrup.

And if you’re a bloody fan, Smack Shack has your back.

2. Personalize your plate. Despite the buffet style menu, you can have things the way you want it at this brunch. Make-your-own eggs benny by choosing everything from the ground up. English muffin or toast? Salmon or ham? If you’re going to brunch, brunch well. And treat yourself.

3. Share your plates. This is the brunch where your eyes will become bigger than your stomach. Don’t fall into a food coma, share some plates. The chicken and waffle station is the best example of that. Did I mention you can top this how you want to? Add the butter. And the syrup. And the powdered sugar. Because, you’re splitting, right?!


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  1. I must say you have made my day. I never thought just looking at lobster would satisfy me, but it did wonders. Thank you for your post.


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