Sweetgreen(ing) in Chicago

At last – Sweetgreen has FINALLY come to the Midwest. A.K.A. two blocks away from our apartment #praisejesus.

Started in D.C. In 2007, SG only sources local and organic ingredients from farmers and partners they trust. Best of all (in my opinion),  their menu lists EVERY SINGLE ingredient used in their bowls, salads, drinks, and dressings. For those of us who have a lot of food allergies/sensitivities, this is like heaven on earth.

My first experience at SweetGreen was beyond extraordinary. I was greeted by Chicago’s friendly manager, Jonathan, who walked me thru the menu. Being AIP and having so many restrictions, I can’t even tell you how happy it makes me feel for people to be respectful and understanding of my limitations-without judgement. So far, the only other place in the city that has been that understanding is Firefin Poke (see my experience here).

Anyways, after telling Jonathan my schpeal of what I can and cannot eat, he immediately began to swap out items I couldn’t have with items that I could. Together, we recreated a bowl that was based off of a menu favorite, only with”safe” ingredients. Plus, the person who made my bowl out on new gloves and used a fresh bowl, just to make sure that there was no cross contamination-um awesome!

Photo Credit: Chicago Business

The bowl I created was a remake of the “Spicy Sabzi” with organic baby spinach, shredded kale, spicy broccoli, raw beets, organic carrots, bean sprouts, roasted chicken instead of sesame tofu, sweet potato instead of spicy quinoa, avocado instead of red chili, and carrot chili vinaigrette:


For all of you AIP’ers, I’m aware that spicy food isn’t allowed, but I have been craving something spicy (been spice and nightshade free since May). I will happily suffer to have this bowl again and again.

If it isn’t obvious enough, you can guarantee that I’ll be back at SG to make my next new creation. I’ve also sacrificed some data on my phone to get the SG app. Just like a rewards program, SG will keep track of your orders and you’ll (eventually) get some credits – once you spend $99, you’ll get a $9 credit. Doesn’t seem like a lot I know, but with each bowl being at least $10-11, your $9 credit will come fast.

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