Bangers and Lace: The Original Hipster

When walking down Division Street in Wicker Park, you can always find a new beer to drink, taco to eat or, thick-rimmed glasses trend to wear? Needless to say, the hipster scene is real in WP. And for the past 6 years, Bangers and Lace has been the hub of originality in the community. With over 30 beers on tap and homemade sausage created right in the kitchen, B&L’s menu options introduce to new and exciting flavors for customers to try.

B&L offers dogs ranging from a Chicago-inspired classic to a unique venison topped with blueberry jam and jalapenos. The Duck BLT intrigued me the most. A combination of tomato-bacon chutney and garlic aioli with the homemade garlic duck sausage made was a great spin on a favorite classic of mine.
B&L 2
Whether you’re out for a drink or ready for a full course meal, the Cheese Curds are a definite bite to try at B&L. Classic Wisconsin cheese curds are served with shishito peppers which bring an unexpected, but complimentary spice to the fried goodies.
On a sunny day with the windows open and a nice breeze coming through, there is really nothing better than hanging out in the heart of WP at Bangers and Lace.

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