NYC Bucket List Eats

A year ago this weekend, two of my best friends traveled to NYC for an extended weekend visit. I was spending the summer interning in the big apple, but also hosted many friends who wanted to experience the NY life, which at times can be overwhelming, no doubt.

With so many sights to see and well, food to eat, I definitely felt a sense of overload with my NY bucket list growing daily.
But, in a world where calories have no meaning and cheese is basic food group***, here is my round up of sweet and savory items that will make your trip to NY worth every penny and Instagram like.


Levain Bakery: Chocolate Chip Walnut
The best part about living on the Upper West Side, was living close to Levain. While the line may be out the door on most days, nothing beats a chewy yet fluffy classic chocolate chip cookie.
Photo credit:  @lefooding
Momofuku Milk Bar: Cereal Milk Soft Serve
I’m not going to lie, I am not a fan of cereal in the morning….or ever really. But once I tried it in soft serve form, I’m totally down for a cold glass of milk.
Photo credit: @milkbarstore
Dominique Ansel Bakery: Frozen S’mores
It may be known for the famous cronut, but Dominique Ansel Bakery has something else that’s got it going on, and that would be the frozen s’mores. The vanilla custard adds a twist to the timeless summertime treat.
frozen s'more
Photo credit: @nycdessert


The Melt Shop:
This gourmet grilled cheese shop has something for everyone whether you’re a meat lover or classic grilled cheese eater. I recommend the Maple Bacon.
melt shop
Photo Credit: @weg0tserved
The go-to menu item is the title itself, a classic slice of artichoke. Essentially, its warm-artichoke dip on a whole new level. Some may say its the best way to cap off a night of beers, I think it can cap off at anytime of the day.
Photo Credit: @nycfoodguy

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