Healthy Snacks to Pack in your Carry On

Since April, my work-travel schedule has been limited to auditing firms in Chicago. While it’s been extremely nice NOT living out of a suitcase and spending more time with my hubs, It’s time to get back on the road. As I finish up my last week of my AIP/elimination diet, I will admit, I’m extremely nervous about eating in restaurants (such a weird thing to say out loud). For the last three weeks, I’ve only been eating things produced from our kitchen-to eat as pure and clean as possible. Sure, it’s nice to have super clear skin and no stomach problems, however, it’s not really realistic to only eat in your kitchen.

Although I won’t know ALL of the ingredients in the food I’ll encounter in my travels, one thing I’ll know is the contents of the snacks I’ll be arming myself with. Here’s a quick list of 7 healthy grabs to pack in your carry on:

Lenny and Larry’s

Probably one of my favorite pre-AIP diet go-to’s is Lenny and Larry’s. Famously known for their “complete cookie,” L&L’s products are perfect for a health conscious freak like myself. Although not AIP or Paleo approved, there are no-GMO ingredients, soy, dairy, eggs, high fructose corn syrup, cholesterol, or artificial sweeteners. L&L is a perfect buy to indulge without feeling like crap. Because really, if you’re going to “cheat,” why not fill your body with a treat made with REAL ingredients that taste as good (actually even better) as a (processed) Mrs. Fields cookie? Pro tip: Lemon Poppyseed and White Chocolate Macadamia are BOMB.


World Peas Snacks

God, do I love a snack with some CRUNCH. WPS lineup uses roasted peas and fava chips to deliver a healthy alternative to that tempting bag of Lay’s. Ranging from ranch, bbq, garlic, curry, wasabi and more, WPS’s ingredients are gluten-free and vegan. Perfect for those of us who are dairy intolerant. What’s the best part? A serving (basically a handful) of its products are 120 calories or less. That definitely comes in handy to snack on when I’m passing up those complimentary airline peanuts.


Eating Evolved

Primals, Vegans, and reintroducing AIP’ers rejoice! Eating Evolved’s dark chocolate product line is paleo AND AIP approved. A.k.a. their products are crafted with organic cocoa (ranging from 72-100% cocoa) and sweetened with organic coconut sugar. Not to mention each batch of chocolate bar and coconut butter cup is handcrafted in EE’s Long Island, NY chocolate factory. For someone who used to pop Reese’s pb cups on the reg, believe me when I say that EE’s coconut butter cups are SO much better. Plus, you know EXACTLY what you’re eating, unlike the hidden processed ingredients in those pb cups.

Reed’s Candied Ginger

My love for ginger is strong AF, so it only makes sense that I found a candy form to satisfy my late-blooming sweet tooth. Made with pure baby ginger root and raw cane sugar (yes, only those two ingredients), Reed‘s nuggets of heaven are crazy good. Although I’m not ashamed to say I’ve crushed a bag in about two days, beware of going overboard – I mean you’re eating raw cane sugar.


Halo Top Ice Cream

Okay, clearly not a snack to bring with to an airport- but when you’re faced with the decision of choosing a freshly baked skillet cookie from Chili’s (mouth watering still from saying out loud, ugh) or rising above and doing what’s best for your body, PLEASE choose Halo Top instead. I won’t lie, you might have to hunt for these pints (look here of where to buy), being the commodity they are. However, you will thank me when you have that glorious pint in your hands. Stating right on the pint, EACH container of ice cream is 280 calories or less. Yeah, you read that right THE WHOLE PINT. Don’t believe me? Check it out for yourselves:

Pint of Vanilla Bean – 240 calories

Pint of Chocolate – 240 calories

Pint of Lemon Cake – 240 calories

Pint of Strawberry – 280 calories

Pint of Mint Chip – 240 calories

Pint of Mocha Chocolate Chip – 280 calories

Pint of Birthday Cake – 280 calories

The best part: each pint is low sugar, low carb, low fat, and NO synthetic growth hormones. FINALLY, an ice cream that is truly healthy!


Artisana Organics

If your carry on is tight on space, but you’re dying for a mini snack, look no further than Artisana Organics. AO ‘s squeeze packs are the perfect little travel buddies that loads a mouthful of nutrition, but passes TSA requirements. Focusing on raw, pure, and organic ingredients, Artisana offers a variety of products to fit your liking and dietary restrictions. For the AIP people like myself: there are delicious coconut oil and butter. Don’t sweat it AIP’s, they actually are fulfilling. For the Primal Peeps: check out the cashew, pecan, almond, walnut, and cocoa/coconut butter (omlawd) squeeze packs. On the flip side, if you’re not traveling, AO has jars of the same products + chocolate bars. Pro tip: AO’s tahini is out of this WORLD. However, be mindful that two spoonfuls is already 120 calories. It’s SO easy to go overboard and lather every vegetable you own in that magical dip (super guilty).


The Seaweed Bath Company

Okay, this is not a snack by any means, but I had to throw this in seeing that this is a product I LIVE off of. I started my AIP diet to heal my leaky gut (and major skin issues) from within, but I also looked into different products to help heal from the outside as well. And then BOOM, I found TSBC. The SBC was started by a guy named Adam with skin issues of his own and discovered the power of using SEAWEED. Weird right? However, a TON of psoriasis, eczema, and dry skin sufferers have found relief using these seaweed based products.


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