Warm Bellies in the West Loop

Quietly opened in February, Warm Belly Bakery is an quaint independent storefront offering a rotating menu of diverse cookies. Run by head baker, Joe Dela Pena and trader Francis Wisniewski, Warm Belly Baker bangs out 30 different styles of cookies each week (usually 10 flavors daily).

A lifelong foodie who was once featured as a guest reviewer on “Check, Please!,” Head Baker, Joe Dela Pena’s love with cookies began a decade ago. Joe began his cookie crusade after baking batches to support a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society.

“I thought I’d raise a couple hundred bucks, and I ended up raising thousands.”

However, a few years later, Dela Pena and now friend, Wisniewski, decided to venture into a “sweet” agreement. These days, Dela Pena uses his imagination and chef inspirations to create inventive flavors-that make the fat kid in all of us jump for joy. Best of all, Dela Pena’s cookies are crunchy on the outside and super soft on the inside. Don’t worry, the cookies are cooked JUST past egg safe.

Flavors range from the Stuffed hazelnut chocolate chip , Turbinado sugar, a DONUT (a.k.a doughkie), psuedo-girl scout samoa, Mexican hot chocolate cookie, PB&J cookie [stuffed with peanut butter and organic strawberry preserve], and cereal cookie (cinnamon toast crunch and fruity pebbles) – inspired from Momofuku’s iconic cereal milk.

In addition to the bakery storefront, WBB delivers cookies for three Dark Matter coffee bars in Chicago. Be on the lookout for a cookie FOOD TRUCK (omg!) which launched this past Saturday.

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