Do you SEA-WEED?

Since we are still in pot central until tomorrow, it was only appropriate that I create a Denver-inspired dish to hold you over until next week’s post. Since my AIP diet eliminates my beloved carbs, I’ve had to get creative with dishes. If I let myself think that I’m trapped eating plain veggies and pure meats/seafood, I’ll get super grumpy. So what do I do? RESEARCH.

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Reduce that (belly) Pooch

I know that I’m a feminist, but us females truly do have it hard. Not only do we suffer once a month with that lovely “visitor,” but we also sacrifice our bodies to have children (if we choose to). Because hormones are much higher in females, in any given day of the month, it’s possible for something within our bodies to go bizurk out of nowhere. One in particular being that random day/days of bloating.

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Still Over the (mini) Moon in Love with San Diego

It’s been over a month since our minimoon, but this weekend was first span of time I’ve had to do something other than work! Woof, what the HUBBY and I would do to live in San Diego right now (sigh). Although I wish we can just up and move there tomorrow, reality reminds me of our current lease + my dream job here in Chicago. However, until we figure out how to seamlessly become SD residents, we will continue to visit and keep tabs on all of the great places to dine-to keep us looking forward.

Besides the constant 73 degrees and sunny days, SD continues to grow as an off-the-radar melting pot of cuisine. Sure Mexican cuisine is a staple of the west coast, but we found that vegan/veggie centric locations are more and more prevalent each time we head west. Although I love veggies and eating less meat these days, I was floored to find that my very carnivorous husband LOVED the veggie/ vegan dishes we tasted. No matter what food we ate or the adventures we did in SD, everything just seems sunny and magical. Hell, if we had good weather and I was tan all year round, I’d be a much happier person myself.

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