Spring got you down in the dump(lings)

We may have survived a mild winter (for Chicago standards), but it doesn’t seem like we’re catching a break with this spring weather. If you’re anything like me, you probably eat based on the weather. If it’s warm and sunny, I’m totally down eating salads and fresh fruit for every meal, but if it’s cold and gloomy you bet I’m trying to eat warm comfort food for every meal. Que the struggle to shed that winter coat.

Regardless of my mood eating weather habits, I can guarantee Urban Belly’s dumplings will hit the spot, regardless of the temperature outside. Plus, with a new Wicker Park location, now is the time to check out what Urban Belly has in store if you never made it to the original West Loop location.

The Sweet Potato and Maple potstickers with feta and arugula is a great combination and the optional addition of bacon really rounds out this dish to be a go-to comfort fix.


The Pork & Cilantro steamed dumpling is nothing short of a traditional dumpling but nonetheless delicious. The soy-balsamic sauce is also a perfect compliment.

UB’s Beef & Cheddar wonton is definitely the most unique out of the bunch, and a great twist to a classic dish and is served with horseradish for a perfect kick.


Add the Pad Thai Korean rice cakes with shrimp, peanuts and toasted garlic or the Pea Shoot, jasmine fried rice with scrambled egg, tofu, pea shoot and madra curry to round out a filling meal.

Rain or shine, Urban Belly is hosting an open house on April 12th from 5-9pm to check out the new Wicker Park digs.

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