Last minute “to-do’s” before I say I DO

Being less than ONE week out from the wedding (holy sh!t), things as you can imagine, are stressful! Between last minute traveling for work, coordinating the schedule, fitting into my dress, working on food stuff, AND spending time with the pre-hubs, it’s easy to let my sanity fall thru the cracks. However, in the midst of chaos, there are a few things I feel are total necessities to being a last minute MISS:



Not really something every bride is remembering/forcing herself to do right before her wedding, however, EATING is a total necessity. For me, when I’m stressed, I honestly do sometimes forget to eat. I let focusing on all of the to-do’s take over and the next thing I know, it’s two hours past lunch. This is exactly why I’m currently SMALLER than my dress and working towards reverse-shredding. In other cases, some brides are on the “crash diet” where eating twigs and leaves leave you feeling empty, cranky, and worst of all, weak. Neither of these scenarios are good to do because it only leaves you prone to getting sick, really annoying your future spouse, and feeling extremely irritable. Plus, a sickly looking bride ain’t cute at all.


Think of creative ways to kick off Wedding Weekend (palooza) for YOUR guests

Since 100% of my fiance’s side and 25% of my side are out of towners, I think it’s EXTREMELY important make them feel extra special. After all, they’re paying a lot of money to see YOU plus bringing a wedding gift. Knowing that Chicago has well-known staples, we’re surprising my guests with baby bags of mixed Garrett Popcorn to snack on in their hotel rooms! Being born and raised in Chicago, I feel home when I see that caramel and bright marigold orange.  If I had it my way, they’d be receiving hot dogs and pizza as well, but those items aren’t exactly realistic. My point being, be cute and spend the extra dollars to make your guests feel special and HAPPY they made the trip.


Spend time with your future spouse 

Although you might think you’re spending time with them, you might not be. Sure sleeping in the same bed and hanging out with them at home is a given, but it’s easy to get caught up/revolve your life around your wedding. Sometimes you and your sig other need a break from seating charts, groomsmen tux colors, centerpiece ideas and instead go see a movie, go to the museum, or just have some alone time. I’m a recovering instagram-aholic, so trust me, the struggle is hard AF everyday.


Pick a unique rehearsal dinner 

Let me disclaim myself, there is NOTHING wrong with the standard rehearsal dinner. Unless you are loaded or your parents are picking up the tab, budget is almost always a consideration for a rehearsal dinner.  No matter what, you can spice up your dinner with DIY items, funny stories, a special menu, or post-dinner drinks at your favorite bar.

To keep with our casual/comfy theme, the hubs-to-be and I opted to have a “finger-food” buffet instead of a traditional sit down dinner. To keep the food approachable, we chose items like pizza, cheese curds, chicken wings, tots, and brussel sprouts (for me, of course).  Following dinner, our guests can truly relax, play games, and have a good time. We chose to have our rehearsal evening at FTW in Streeterville because not only is their food menu incredible (obviously a requirement), but their arcade arena is insane. Our guests can have fun chillaxing at one of the 130 games or even scoring a hole-in-one at the a six hole mini golf course.



No, I’m not talking about my hubs-to-be, I’m talking about personal relaxation. One thing I’m SO glad I did was that a week out from my wedding, I made sure to set time aside for personal grooming. I know money is tight, especially righ tafter you paid those brutal “final payments” (eek), but trust me, money can’t buy that feeling of confidence the day of.

My sister and I tried out Blowtique‘s Hair Masque & Bliss Spa‘s famous Triple Oxygen Facial last weekend  & let me tell you holy shitballs, both were so worth it. Being a hair mask and facial virgin, I definitely researched a ton to make sure that nothing would happen to my moneymaker or freshly balayaged hair. However, my face and highlights are in the clear. My skin and hair has never felt so soft.

Here’s a small grooming checklist to do before you say “I do” :

Hair – Whether it’s a masque, highlight touch up, or just a simple blowout, your hair will thank you ! (my home salon is Goran Coban in River North)

Nails – Make sure those nails are healthy and pretty before you walk down the aisle

Teeth – My routine 6 month cleaning coincidentally was a week out from my wedding, but heading to the dentist DEFINITELY helps clear up and whiten your pearly whites for all of those pictures.

Waxing – A true necessity, especially if you are jet setting the morning after the wedding!

Massage – Even if this entails your sig other sparing a few minutes of their labor

Facial – If your wedding is a few weeks out, try a peel or full on facial to clear up those pores. If not, try a minimal scrub or non invasive facial (like an oxygen service from Bliss)

BROWS – Personally, the most important thing to me are freshly threaded/waxed brows. I feel my best when I have a new new shade of confidence

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  1. Great post and fantastic advise 🙂 xxx


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