My Top 5 Picks of Bachelorette Essentials

Although planning this wedding has been very  enjoyable  (and actually seamless),  one event has stressed me out has been my bachelorette festivities. Not because I planned it, but because it’s the only event that I knew absolutely NO details about. Being a perfectionist and control freak, it has been agonizing not being able to conceptualize any details of those events. While I sat and anxiously awaited both of my bachelorette weekends to hit (yes, I had TWO weekends of festivities), my mind began to turn on surprises that I could plan for my bridesmaid and attendees. Not knowing any details actually helped my mind become MORE creative because it forced me to think outside of the box-or at least outside of the ideas I THOUGHT my crew was planning for me. Here it goes:


Alright alright, maybe not literally french fries-but what about COOKIE FRIES. Not only do these little treats travel well (for those of us who had “destination festivities”), but they fit my tongue-in-cheek type of personality. Plus, they’re perfect to munch on while you pre-game, easy to slip inside your clutch for a snack at the bar, or on your cab/plane ride home. Not to mention they’re adorable. Check out The Cookie Joint to get YOUR side of fries.

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If you’re craving chocolate and don’t want to make a mess, check out brigadeiros. What is a brigadeiro? Well imagine if a truffle and a piece of fudge had a baby ….Throw in some flavoring, some texture, and BOOM these little nuggets of love are born. From fruity, to nutty, to sweet, brigadeiros can range from every type of flavor-NOT to mention that they are gluten free. Absolutely PERFECT to snack while not worrying about squeezing into that skin tight dress.



This was essential for the pre-festivities (including on the actual wedding day). By contraption can mean solo cups, personalized glasses/cups from etsy, or even the college days-flasks. Especially if you have a lot of people over to pre-game/play games/etc. you’re going to need the appropriate amount of cups to incorporate every person. Because I’m an overachiever and love to surprise people, I had all of my bridesmaids initials etched on their designated cup. 


THE Rock 

Although a bachelorette is technically supposed to celebrate THE RING of the bride, I wanted to make my bachelorette attendees feel like they had a special ring of their own too. A ring that is fashionable AND can hold a shots worth of booze. Clever, right? I ordered these bad boys from amazon for SUPER cheap.



Sunglasses are essential for every portion of your bachelorette weekend. You can give zero bucks and rock the sunglasses on the night out, or better yet, wear them for all outside festivities. Because the mesh type of shades block out a lot of light, they especially come in handy for the morning after.


Theme it up

No one and I mean NO ONE appreciates a good theme more than me. I theme birthdays, events, basically any thing that relates to throwing some sort of celebration. To me, themes bring out that extra dose of fun which is most definitely required for bachelorette activities. Plus, then that lends itself to more props, stories, even hilarious photos. For example, you can go with the typical themes like wieners/strippers and ring/sparkle items OR you can spice up your theme game and go (chocolate) balls out. Themes such as: super hero, DONUTS, karaoke,  70s time frame, or my personal favorite (and also what I walked into) SAFARI themed. It might just be me, but because my bachelorettes and I had animal masks to wear, were given a hilarious map, and hit all of the “animal style” bars around town, having a theme escalated the amount of fun I had, including the horrific hangover I suffered thru the next two days.

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